Into ‘Sexual Purity’? The New Christian Boy Scouts Are For You!

The wing nuts have been in a tizzy since the Boy Scouts of America voted to allow gay scouts. As a result, a conservative group has announced plans to start their own anti-gay scout-like organization. It sounds a bit like Uganda or other homophobic nations:

Following the Boy Scouts’ decision to allow openly gay youth to serve among their ranks, a radical conservative group announced plans yesterday to form a rival organization offering “outdoors-oriented character development programs” with a focus on “sexual purity” and “a standard statement of Christian values.”

The new organization, yet to be named and operating out of, was reportedly formed by parents and Scouting leaders formerly associated with the Boy Scouts of America. John Stemberger, the organization’s founder, says gay youth will be allowed to join so long as they don’t “openly flaunt sexuality.” He also adds that “there is not going to be any acting out, nor is there going to be a witch hunt. We wouldn’t expect any flaunting, innuendo, gestures or speech.”


John Stemberger

One of many new “don’t say gay” organizations to pop up since the announcement, it says one thing to me – if these new groups fail, it will demonstrate what a non-issue gays in the Boy Scouts really was.

Read more and watch the kick-off video with Mr. Stemberger at Queerty.

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