Hot College Boy Strips to Shorts to Protest TSA

shirtless 21 year old naked TSA

A 21-year-old college student stripped to his running shorts in Richmond, Virginia this week to protest TSA searches that he believes violates his 4th Amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures – which was printed on his young and muscular torso. I am glad that such a hot boy decided to strip for this protest – it is preferable over a 70-year-old teabagger.

Here’s the full story from CBS News:

(CBS) A Virginia man who was arrested last week for stripping down to his shorts at an airport security checkpoint said his only regret from his one-man protest was drawing attention away from the death of his grandfather.

In an interview with CBS News affiliate WTVR-TV in Richmond, Va., Sunday, Aaron Tobey, 21, said he was outraged with new security procedures the Transportation Security Administration put into place before Thanksgiving.

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  • Kelly

    Leave it someone here in Richmond to be crazy… I am jealous… if I did that they would just push me through and ask me to put my clothes on STAT…. TSA folks must be women or gay to parade around that body…heheheh smooches!!