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My old Twitter friend (and former San Francisco neighbor) Gabriel Gastelum has become a well-known and talented photographer – with many shoots focusing on hot men. In one of his latest projects, he spent a session with Alex Minsky, a former soldier who lost his leg in Afghanistan. Gabriel writes:


Meet Alex.

I’m going to get to the point really quickly. Alex’s story is incredible.

The epitome of inspirational.

In Afghanistan, Alex lost his leg when he drove over an explosive device. Coming home, he found himself on a downward spiral after he came out of a 2 month coma and 17 months in the hospital. Long story short, he decided to stop being sad and start being awesome. Working out, becoming sober and being generally bad ass.

That’s the quick story. You can literally search his name on Google and find his story everywhere.

Nothing fancy, not a big shoot. Just him being Alex, in some undies, and showing us his body. It shouldn’t bother you. He has ever right to show it off. Why?  Because if he can do it with what he has been through, what excuse to a lot of us have?


So here is to Alex. The real deal.

Mr. Inspiration.

And I hope one day to see him grace a Nike billboard. Imagine that.

Model: [ Alex Minsky ]
Undies: [ N2N Bodywear ]


[Gabriel Gastelum Facebook]


Check out Gabriel’s fantastic site and see more of his work here.

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