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Bay Area Residents Spend A Shitload of Money

No surprise here. I am just surprised that the average rent is so low, but areas like Richmond, Fremont and other outlying and low-income areas will have an impact on these numbers: looked at how our spending habits in 2014 compared to those in other cities. While residents of the San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose areas didn’t spend quite as much as New Yorkers on rent and mortgage transactions, they did top the lists for restaurant, alcohol and bar, childcare and gasoline and fuel spending.


See a full analysis of the data for San Francisco and other cities at SFGate.

Pink Saturday Over? Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Bow Out As Organizers

This is not surprising news. The Pink Saturday event has become what we call “amateur night.” Hate crimes, violence and drunk attendees makes staffing the event a pure nightmare. I spent several years providing security at the event with Castro Community on Patrol and can attest to the challenge that Pink Saturday brings to the area.

Should it continue? I think with tighter boundaries, an earlier time, and through the sale of tickets (an optional $5 donation gets you into the event now), the event could continue.

Via SFist:

This year’s Pride Weekend in June is set to be one of the biggest ever as the Supreme Court is more than likely going to decide in favor of federal gay marriage once and for all, and the decision could be saved until the end of their term in June. Cue another blowout weekend of revelry much like we had in 2013 after the DOMA/Prop 8 decisions, complete with the annual Saturday night throngs filling the streets of the Castro, known as Pink Saturday. Now after years of argument over how best to maintain safety at the event, its annual organizers, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, have just voted to bow out and “cancel” the event, insofar as they won’t be involved, as the Bay Area Reporter reports.

There has been stress and controversy over the event going back at least six years, just like with Halloween in the Castro, because of the enormity of the crowd and the fact that it’s attracted violence and “unsavory” elements. A shooting that took place right near the intersection of Castro and Market Streets in 2010 set off a wave of calls to cancel the event the same way Halloween was effectively canceled in recent years.

And last year, when a Sister and her husband were the brunt of homophobic remarks and then beaten by four strangers while walking out of the event, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back for the Sisters. That incident, coupled with another hate-crime attack in SoMa the same night as well a similarly brutal attack in the Castro in 2013, had the LGBT community up-in-arms about the ruination of the typically joyful weekend by homophobic interlopers.
The Sisters, who manage the stages, security, and concessions for the event in exchange for donations at the gate, already said last July they were debating canceling the event or drastically changing it. And as of their meeting on Friday, they voted overwhelmingly to cease involvement.

via Castro Braces For Big Pink Saturday/Pride Weekend As Sisters Bow Out As Organizers: SFist.

SFist: SoMa To Get Leather-Themed Public Park?

imageAny of you San Francisco gay boys who spend time in SOMA have probably logged your share of beer busts at The Eagle. Now, it appears that there may be a leather-themed community park coming to the block of 12th Street in front of the iconic bar:

Apparently a plan has been taking shape for several months to install a parklet/plaza on the block of 12th Street outside the Eagle Tavern in SoMa that would recognize the neighborhood’s history in the gay leather community. As the BAR is reporting, preliminary design ideas for “Eagle Plaza” include decorative pavers in the colors of the leather pride flag (blue, black, white, and red), and benches that double as monkey bars. What, no bondage pinwheel?
There have been some community charrettes about the design going back to September, and the owners of the Eagle are fully behind the idea, despite the fact that it will mean the loss of some street parking. For her part, Supervisor Jane Kim says, “I am super excited about it. I think it is beautiful.”
The plan for the park has been coming together as a perk to the neighborhood by developer Build Inc., which wants to build a large “co-living” commune-type thing that we heard about last year on the property across the street from the bar, at 1532 Harrison Street. The idea is to have commemorative plaques about the history of the neighborhood, spaces for performances and food trucks, and as you can see in the sketch below, the ability to drive emergency vehicles or whatever through the middle of it, if necessary, by using modular roadblock elements. UP Urban Design is helping with the project, and they also worked with Build on another plaza outside their soon-to-be 111-unit residential project at 650 Indiana.

In what some may call gentrification, I actually think the idea is a good one. 12th Street and Harrison has been filthy for decades (and not from the drunk and sexy daddys and boys). Anything that livens up the area while recognizing the leather history of SOMA is ok in my book.

The challenge will be keeping the homeless who have penetrated the area out of the park. Maybe that’s where a good Master comes in.

via SoMa To Get Leather-Themed Public Park?: SFist.