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I Woke Up To Henry Cavill On My Instagram Looking Like This

Sad Face: Matthew Mitcham Is Retiring From Diving @Matthew_Mitcham

Olympic Gold Medalist and Australian Matthew Mitcham has announced in Instagram that he is retiring from diving:

I’ve been a fan of Matthew since those 2008 Olympics when he came out as gay. He was one of the first athletes to do so and proving that sexuality does not drive gold medals.

Those darn injuries we get as we age were also a contributor. He told ABC in Australia:

“The older you get you don’t tend to recover from injuries, you just accumulate them and I was doing pretty well physically. But again, there wasn’t enough of an incentive for me in diving to push through all the way to Rio when I’ve been given so many wonderful opportunities outside of diving, outside the pool that I’m really passionate about.”

Oh, yes. He’s a babe. Click a pic below to enlarge.

Watch: Sexy Matthew Camp in “Sock Job” Trailer

Matthew Camp, one of the sexy leads you might have seen in 'Getting Go: The Go Doc Project,' is in a new film called 'Sock Job.' The film is, in essence, a comedy about masturbation. The trailer is actually a GIF of the first half of the film which unveils Matthew shirtless and wearing only his panties for most of it.


Sock Jobs’ website: ‘Sock Job is a screwball comedy about masturbation, directed by Mark Allen and starring Matthew Camp. “On a dark and stormy night in a secluded cabin in the woods, a young man faces challenges while trying to relieve his boredom.”‘

I don't know about you, but any chance to ogle at Camp (whether live, in a film, or a GIF) should not be wasted.

Enjoy the GIF here. Oh yea, he also has a line of fragrance (see first pic below).

And to refresh your memory, here is Matthew from his Instagram:


Watch: Adam Lambert Nails a Cover of Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’

Gleb Savchenko Covers ‘Attitude’

Read more about the UK's 'Strictly Come Dancing' Hunk here.


RIP David Bowie: “Look up here, I’m in heaven”

Music legend David Bowie has died at the age of 69 after suffering from cancer. He was without doubt one of pop’s most influential musicians and created a series of landmark albums over the last six decades. He was also very much a part of my growing up in the 1970s onward.


The irony of his death is that he seemed to perform his own eulogy in the recently-released video above. And here is a tribute to the famed performer below:

Here’s the New Sexy Rocky Horror

Fox has announced some additional roles for its upcoming remake of cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show. As you may know, Orange is the New Black's Laverne Cox will play Dr. Frank-N-Furter, the “sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania,” made famous by Tim Curry in the 1975 film. Professional pretty person Staz Nair will play the object of Cox's obsession, the titular Rocky Horror.

The Russian/Indian model, actor and singer-songwriter was a former contestant on X-Factor UK and is noticeably taller, darker and handsomer than previous incarnations of the scantily-clad “monster.”

I think he'll look wonderful in those infamous gold shorts: