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Florida: Police On Lookout for Naked Hamburglers

1406127425002-photo-8 hamburglers

Two naked boys and an underwear-clad friend had some late-night munchies and decided to break into a hamburger beach restaurant for some grub:

Why would three naked “knuckleheads” break into a Bonita Beach eatery and only steal food as two security cameras captured their every move?

“Dumb, dumber and dumbest,” Sansevieri said with a laugh Wednesday.

Three days after the naked caper heard around Southwest Florida, the bare-naked beef bandits remained on the lam. Authorities don’t know if the men are tourists or residents, but are trying to uncover and bare all tips. On Wednesday, authorities released photos — at least those that can be printed — to ask the public for help in identifying the men. The bandits robbed the restaurant at 3:06 a.m. Sunday, stealing 60 hamburgers, three pounds of bacon, three red peppers and a paddleboard.

In addition to the restaurant security footage and 200 frame-by-frame photos, the bandits left another clue: a trail of red peppers on the beach. On Sunday morning, Doc’s kitchen staff found the restaurant’s red peppers about 100 yards away near a beach bathhouse.

“They left a trail like Hansel and Gretel,” Doc’s waitress Shelly Isom said with a laugh. “One of them probably said after, ‘Uh, guys, where did we leave our clothes?’”

Watch the hotties below. They could have had my meat!


Watch: This Cute Kid Snuck Into 50 Music Festivals and Filmed It All



Via Sploid:

Coachella. Glastonbury. Bonnaroo. The Grammys. You name the music festival, Marcus Haney has somehow snuck into it. He makes fake passes, pretends to be the press, jump fences and does anything he can to get in and has somehow made friends with famous bands and shot their album covers. Here’s the movie trailer for his story, No Cameras Allowed.

Noisey interviewed Haney who explained how he first started sneaking into festivals with Coachella in 2010:

It was me and my friend Adam. We had no money for gas—we met a guy called Acid Chris on Craigslist to help put gas in our car. We snuck in at about 4AM on Friday morning, dressed in all black, jumped the fence, and slept underneath the trailers and porta-potties until the festival opened at noon.






Wentworth Miller Discusses His Coming Out to ‘Details’


Wentworth Miller graces the most recent issue of Details and had the following to say about grappling with his sexuality:

On coming out: “I feel more fully expressed. After Prison Break, I came to grips with the fact that my public persona was in misalignment with how I actually felt. I was out to a handful of people in my twenties, and once I hit 30, I was out to family and friends. But professionally, I was feeding a fantasy. I created this air of “We don’t address that thing.”

On if he regrets not coming out earlier: “My face was on billboards, and I thought it was my job to act a certain way. But I think audiences knew to a certain degree.”

I am a huge fan of Wentworth’s so enjoyed reading the article on this little-covered actor. And, he was just cast in ‘The Flash.’

Read the entire scoop at Details.


Sadly, 100 AIDS Researchers Perished on Malayasia MH17 #AIDS2014



While we see more ramifications of the shooting down of Malaysia Flight MH17, one of the losses is noted researcher Dr Joep Lange. Dr. Lange was a clinical researcher who had been working on HIV since the early years of the virus, participating in clinical trials and training in developing countries. Via Australia’s ABC:

Dr. Joep Lange

Dr. Joep Lange

The president of the International AIDS Society says the shooting down of flight MH17 has cost the world a giant in the field of HIV/AIDS research.

About 100 of the 298 people killed on the downed Malaysia Airlines jet were heading to the AIDS 2014 conference in Melbourne, including researchers, health workers, activists and people living with HIV.

IAS president and Nobel laureate Francoise Barre-Sinousi has told the National Press Club in Canberra the loss of life is difficult to comprehend.

“We are all with our phones waiting for confirmation and hoping that it cannot be confirmed,” she said.

Next of kin are still being informed, but Dutch HIV researcher and former IAS president Dr Joep Lange and his wife and collaborator Jacqueline van Tongeren are among those killed.

“It will be a great loss for the HIV/AIDS community,” Professor Barré-Sinousi said.

“It will be a terrible loss for all of us. I have no words really to try to express my sadness. I feel totally devastated if it is confirmed.

“This is really someone special. It’s a giant for us.”

Professor Barré-Sinousi said she worked closely with her predecessor.

“He is the man with the spirit, I used to say the best spirit, which is really he has been trying forever for his life to give for the benefit of mankind.

“A great professional but more than that, a wonderful human being.”

This will likely strike a huge blow to the AIDS/HIV research community and it’s scary to think of the impact on advances in AIDS/HIV research.

And that is something to mourn.


Michael Sam Takes Home ESPY Courage Award

michael sam boyfriend

Michael Sam holds hands with his boyfriend Vito Cammisano while walking the red carpet at the 2014 ESPYs held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Wednesday (July 16)

Michael Sam, who is the first openly gay NFL player, received the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage during last night’s ESPY Awards. During his speech, Michael thanked his boyfriend Vito Cammisano: “People tell me that I’m their inspiration. Well you are my inspiration.”

And to reinforce why he took home the award, here are his final words in the speech: “To anyone out there, especially young people feeling like they don’t fit in and would never be accepted, please know this. Great things can happen when you have the courage to be yourself.”

Watch the full speech below:


Queue right-wing hysteria.

H/T Just Jared


Sad Day for Broadway: RIP Elaine Stritch



Broadway (and gay) icon Elaine Stritch has passed away. Even though she was 89, I have to say that I did not expect this one. Via the NYT:

Elaine Stritch, the brassy, tart-tongued Broadway actress and singer who became a living emblem of show business durability and perhaps the leading interpreter of Stephen Sondheim’s wryly acrid musings on aging, died on Thursday at her home in Birmingham, Mich. She was 89.

Her death was confirmed by a friend, Julie Keyes. Before Ms. Stritch moved to Birmingham last year, she lived, famously, for many years at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan.

One of my favorite Stritch appearances was on the long-gone “Big Gay Sketch Show.” Watch and take note of a young Kate McKinnon:



Global LGBT Acceptance: Croatia Passes Civil Partnerships Law


With some of the bad news we see out of Russia and Uganda, it is always encouraging to see LGBT marriage equality progress in other parts of the world where it would have been unheard of even five years ago:

Their unions will be called ”life partnerships” protected by the Constitution. However, adoption rights for same-sex couples was not included in the bill.

On Tuesday, the Parliament passed the civil union law with 89 votes in favour and 16 against.

The bill was drafted along the lines of its German counterpart, with political support mostly from centre-left and liberal parties in the Coalition Government.

Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic proposed the legislation saying he was determined to establish legal rights for same-sex couples.

Read more: Croatia passes civil partnerships law ·


SNL Just Fired Its Hottest Cast Member


As SNL always does at the end of a season, it fires cast members. From the 2014 freshman crop, Brooks Wheelan announced via Twitter yesterday that he was fired from the show:


While I am not surprised, Brooks had graced his limited screen time with scruffy hotness and a muscular body. I, for one, will miss the fact that 80% of the time he was on camera he was pretty much naked.

Here’s my Brooks Wheelan tribute. Good luck, my friend.

tumblr_mul8s2NTZR1rdzuduo3_500 tumblr_mtyigevFjK1rdzuduo1_500 SBCF_LR_brooks_wheelan_homeless_flasher_1920x1080 8634244412_89cf88b5b1_z