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Gallery: Today’s Hotties on Instagram

I thought I would share some of the hotties I follow on Instagram. Be sure to click through and follow one or all. They will make your day!

Colin Kaepernick


DJ Tristan Jaxx

Blake Skjellerup (and boyfriend)

Aussie Space Time Traveller

Shawn Pyfrom

Summer Diary Project

Hope that wasn’t TOO much hotness for your lunch hour!

Watch: Let’s Take A Moment And Ogle Matthew Camp’s Audition for ‘Getting Go’ #NSFW

Getting_Go_-_EXCLUSIVE_CLIP_-_Audition_-_YouTube 5


I written about professional go-go dancer Matthew Camp’s appearance in the indie film ‘Getting Go’ – a mock documentary about a gay filmmaker’s relationship with his ‘subject.’

While the critics’ verdict is still out as to the quality of the film, one thing is for sure. Matthew Camp is DELICIOUS. Here’s a scene from the film where he shakes his titties and shows his dancing abilities while obviously going commando in low-rise jeans. If you can’t watch video where you are, check out the screen grabs below.



Getting_Go_-_EXCLUSIVE_CLIP_-_Audition_-_YouTube Getting_Go_-_EXCLUSIVE_CLIP_-_Audition_-_YouTube 4 Getting_Go_-_EXCLUSIVE_CLIP_-_Audition_-_YouTube 3 Getting_Go_-_EXCLUSIVE_CLIP_-_Audition_-_YouTube 2