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Gallery: Are Zac Efron and Vladimir Putin Setting Shirtless Horseback Riding Trend?


First, there was Vladimir Putin


But today, the picture above of Zac Efron exposing his nipples on a saddle emerged. And the internet has gone crazy.


Justin Bieber has also partaken…


…as has David Hasselhoff



Daniel Radcliffe came close to riding naked in “Equus” but instead just hung out with a horse.

daniel-radcliffe-shirtless Daniel Radcliffe in Equus


The trend has been around for a long time judging by these photos:

beach polo-player-shirtless-550x366 master-saddled-shirtless-armored_13 large 8067252.d39b5ccf.640 815479 2453e8203136d0235d67ab94762727dc 8E1A9332-Edit-Edit1

I guess it’s the new thing! Who’s next?