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Florida: Police On Lookout for Naked Hamburglers

1406127425002-photo-8 hamburglers

Two naked boys and an underwear-clad friend had some late-night munchies and decided to break into a hamburger beach restaurant for some grub:

Why would three naked “knuckleheads” break into a Bonita Beach eatery and only steal food as two security cameras captured their every move?

“Dumb, dumber and dumbest,” Sansevieri said with a laugh Wednesday.

Three days after the naked caper heard around Southwest Florida, the bare-naked beef bandits remained on the lam. Authorities don’t know if the men are tourists or residents, but are trying to uncover and bare all tips. On Wednesday, authorities released photos — at least those that can be printed — to ask the public for help in identifying the men. The bandits robbed the restaurant at 3:06 a.m. Sunday, stealing 60 hamburgers, three pounds of bacon, three red peppers and a paddleboard.

In addition to the restaurant security footage and 200 frame-by-frame photos, the bandits left another clue: a trail of red peppers on the beach. On Sunday morning, Doc’s kitchen staff found the restaurant’s red peppers about 100 yards away near a beach bathhouse.

“They left a trail like Hansel and Gretel,” Doc’s waitress Shelly Isom said with a laugh. “One of them probably said after, ‘Uh, guys, where did we leave our clothes?’”

Watch the hotties below. They could have had my meat!


#TGIF: It’s Up Your Alley Weekend in San Francisco #NSFW



This weekend marks San Francisco’s annual Up Your Alley Festival (aka Dore Alley). While we spend most all our weekends in Sacramento, Rich and I are making the pilgrimage to our former street (yes, we lived on Folsom Street for 5 years) to celebrate with all our kink friends. Even when you plan to wear very little, it is still difficult to figure out what to wear: leather jock? Apron? Kilt? I guess I will figure it out. SF will be in the midst of a rare heat wave so this will be challenging.

In case you haven’t attended, it is one of my favorite, sexy events. Here’s a gallery of past years and you can get more information at the event website.

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The Naked Warwick Rowers Are Back Teasing Us With #NSFW Nudie Pics


Every year, the hot boys from the Warwick Rowers bless us with their naked calendar for charity. 2015′s calendar is not yet available, but the team has released these photos to help raise funds for it.

I don’t know about you, but I want to know what goes on with this team in the locker room.

Take a look, and if you like, be sure to check out how to support them here.

warwick-naked-rowers-07242014-02-900x675 warwick-naked-rowers-07242014-03-900x675 warwick-naked-rowers-07242014-04-900x675 warwick-naked-rowers-07242014-05-900x675 warwick-naked-rowers-07242014-06-900x575 warwick-naked-rowers-07242014-08-900x675 warwick-naked-rowers-07242014-09-900x675 warwick-naked-rowers-07242014-10-900x675 warwick-naked-rowers-07242014-11

And here’s the vid:

Warwick Rowers 2015 Crowdfunder from Sport Media Productions on Vimeo.

Watch: Andrew Christian’s New ‘Initiation’ Video Is Pretty Much Gay Porn #NSFW


The boys from Andrew Christian are back (and it features gay porn performers and peen shots so very NSFW).

MUSIC: “Frat Boy” By The Peasants
MODELS: Designer Andrew Christian, 2013 Model Contest Winner Jake Houser, Topher DiMaggio, Cory Zwierzynski, Pablo Hernandez
From CockyBoys.Com: Max Carter, Levi Karter, Levi Michaels, Duncan Black, Ricky Roman And Tayte Hanson. Super Fans Zach Lee And Seth Knight (See… It Pays Off To Be A Super Fan!) Along With Seth Treston.
Hazing is wrong! But why it is so much fun? When we were conceiving this video we gathered all the former frat boys that now work for Andrew Christian and virtually everything that is in this video was taken from their actual experiences being frat boys.

Enter the riddle contest & win our $250 gift code:


initiation-bts_18_-670x499 initiation-bts_12_-670x499 initiation-bts_1_-670x499 Initiation_Uncensored__NSFW__-_Videos ac_initiation_5_-670x446



Today Is National Nude Day So Let’s Celebrate #NSFW



Today, July 14th, is National Nude Day! WHAT???? Yes, it’s true!!!

National Nude Day is a way to keep cool on a hot , sticky summer day. Nudist groups around the world celebrate this holiday and take it quite seriously! Nudist’s are not perverts…even though their desire to go “au natural” might be offensive to the conservative population! Nudist’s are individuals who believe the human body is most beautiful in their natural state. Whether or not you agree with them, nudist’s encourage people to strut their stuff.

So let’s say yippie and check out some nudes…

tumblr_n6ai1yqkBB1s0nebco1_500 tumblr_n8dheei56m1rtjxk5o1_500 Benjamin-Godfre-Naked-We-Can-Never-Get-Enough-8 tumblr_n4jvj7yOoT1rywz5po1_500 Benjamin-Godfre-Naked-We-Can-Never-Get-Enough-4 tumblr_n6cyekZr4s1r91wa7o1_500

Happy National Nude Day!