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Talented Pisser Gets Axed From Australian Rugby League #NSFW


Australian rugby player Todd Carney (above) was busted after peeing into his own mouth at a local pub on Saturday. Now, that’s an opening line!

I actually am not great at urinating into my own mouth — although I don’t have issues peeing into the mouth of others. Apparently, Carney was fired as a result of this NSFW pic, which is too bad since he seems quite talented at it.

carn was able to track down the first-known tweet of Carney’s lewd act, which came at around 10pm Australian time on Saturday night.

“No way this is not true,” Twitter user @MarkRaider1 tweeted, along with a picture of the now former Cronulla Sharks player apparently urinating into his own mouth.

Well, there you go. I have friends at who might be able to place the ex-rugby player into a watersports film.

869579-todd-carney 719129-todd-carney 288592-todd-carney

H/T: The Gaily Grind

James Franco Bares His Ass at Broadway Bares #NSFW


We have seen just about all of James Franco in various stages of undress and this weekend he did not disappoint as he let his arse cheeks hang out at the annual Broadway Bares (there’s lots of naughtiness in the pics of the event above).

Check it out below. Those are some nice cheeks.


World Cup: Croatian Team Loses, Then Skinny Dips Together #NSFW


Are you enjoying the hotties of the World Cup as much as I am?

After losing to Brazil 3-1 last week, the Croatian team decided to swim naked together at their hotel pool:

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The team’s coach is asking for a press embargo of all photos:

“How would you feel if someone took naked pictures of you?” Croatian coach Niko Kovac told reporters Sunday. “They are adamant that they won’t speak to you lot anymore and I don’t know whether the silence will end tomorrow or last until the end of our World Cup campaign.”

Well, I for one am pleased that these got released.

Via Buzzfeed


Today’s Gratuitous Pics: Michiel Huisman #NSFW #TGIF


‘Game of Thrones’ actor Michiel Huisman has a long history of nudity and shiftlessness in his films, so let’s ogle over those glimpses at his wonderful Dutch body to start our Memorial Day Weekend, shall we?

And, on the bright side, it looks like Playgirl wants him to pose nude

michiel huisman naked michiel huisman naked michiel huisman shirtless 1 michiel huisman naked 56 michiel huisman naked 52 huisman naked michiel huisman naked vlcsnap-2012-07-12-18h44m47s75 tumblr_mcohj12BpO1rgghaio1_1280 rA7cbHV michiel huisman naked michiel-huisman-shirtless



Watch: A Supercut of Every Chris Evans Nude Scene…Ever

To celebrate the release of his latest film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Wrap has conveniently put together a 60-second supercut of reasons to love Chris Evans. Or, more accurately, 60 seconds of the many, many times Chris Evans was completely naked in front of the camera.

Watch all the hotness above. And just because it is shirtless Saturday…





Desert Island Fantasies With Christopher Atkins and Marlon Teixeira #NSFW

I have spoken many times on this blog around my childhood crush on Christopher Atkins from ‘Blue Lagoon.’  Here’s why:

CAT5j CAT5s CAT5t CAT5v CAT5w ChristopherAtkins08




When you are 14 (it was 1980) and in the closet, seeing this luscious body was confirmation that I was different.

My crush these days (now out and proud) is Marlon Teixeira, and he has done us proud with a deserted island shoot. I am almost wet in my pants and here’s why:

Going-Wild-With-Marlon-Teixeira-1 Going-Wild-With-Marlon-Teixeira-3 Going-Wild-With-Marlon-Teixeira-4 Going-Wild-With-Marlon-Teixeira-6 Yet-More-Of-Castaway-Marlon-Teixeira-1 Yet-More-Of-Castaway-Marlon-Teixeira-3 Yet-More-Of-Castaway-Marlon-Teixeira-4 Yet-More-Of-Castaway-Marlon-Teixeira-5 Yet-More-Of-Castaway-Marlon-Teixeira-6 Yet-More-Of-Castaway-Marlon-Teixeira-7


Who would you rather be with? I would take both.