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Watch: Let’s Take A Moment And Ogle Matthew Camp’s Audition for ‘Getting Go’ #NSFW

Getting_Go_-_EXCLUSIVE_CLIP_-_Audition_-_YouTube 5


I written about professional go-go dancer Matthew Camp’s appearance in the indie film ‘Getting Go’ – a mock documentary about a gay filmmaker’s relationship with his ‘subject.’

While the critics’ verdict is still out as to the quality of the film, one thing is for sure. Matthew Camp is DELICIOUS. Here’s a scene from the film where he shakes his titties and shows his dancing abilities while obviously going commando in low-rise jeans. If you can’t watch video where you are, check out the screen grabs below.



Getting_Go_-_EXCLUSIVE_CLIP_-_Audition_-_YouTube Getting_Go_-_EXCLUSIVE_CLIP_-_Audition_-_YouTube 4 Getting_Go_-_EXCLUSIVE_CLIP_-_Audition_-_YouTube 3 Getting_Go_-_EXCLUSIVE_CLIP_-_Audition_-_YouTube 2