New Maryland Governor Eliminates LGBT Anti-Discrimination Regulations

He sure didn’t wait long…

Maryland’s new Republican governor has axed anti-discrimination provisions, just one day into his term in office.

Larry Hogan – who was sworn in last week as the state’s governor – has kicked off his term by withdrawing a number of regulations implemented by his predecessor.

One of the regulations withdrawn, enacted by former Democratic governor Martin O’Malley, prevented discrimination against LGBT people in Medicaid provisions.

Governor Hogan told the Baltimore Sun: “We just basically pulled all the regulations that were supposed to be published on Friday.

“We didn’t like the fact that [O’Malley] was trying to push these things through at the last minute.

“We’re going to make sure our new team throughout government reviews every one of these regulations to make sure which direction we should head.”

US: New Maryland governor axes LGBT anti-discrimination regulations

New Book: Cooking With Bear-Created Recipes


Via Huffington Post:

“Cooking with the Bears –- Healthy Recipes by Hairy Men “claims to be the first cookbook in the world dedicated to all of the men who identifying as being a part of the bear community. Created by Angelo Sindaco, the cookbook contains a number of sexy images of bears creating unique Italian meals and all of the book's recipes informed by the different regional dishes throughout Italy.

Learn more here.





Chicken Soup for the Queer Soul – From VERY Gay San Francisco


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