Wing Nut Bryan Fischer Misses Criminalized Sodomy

We all know that the religious wing nuts wake up each morning and begin thinking about cock sucking and butt sex. American Family Association’s big mouth Bryan Fischer is no exception and took the opportunity to tweet about the decriminalization of sodomy today. I do not know the context but Jeremy Hooper shared Fischer’s tweets:

Someone must not have received head this morning.

Obama and Romney ARE Different

Have you voted yet? For those of you who spew that there is no difference between our presidential candidates, take notice – there is, in fact, many differences. Just a few above and don’t forget to vote on Tuesday!

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Gay Republican Recants Bashing Story

Kyle Wood during treatment for his injuries

Kyle Wood, a volunteer for GOP congressional candidate Chad Lee’s campaign in Michigan, filed a false account of an alleged assault and choking last week. Lee’s opponent, Mark Pocan, is a gay state assembly member favored to win the race. At the time, Wood claimed he was attacked for his sexual orientation and conservative views:

Wood had described the attack as “terrifying” and told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “All of a sudden, there was something around my neck, so I couldn’t breathe — I mean, I could breathe enough to live, but I couldn’t scream. All I could think about was getting it off my neck.”

In addition to his false allegations about the attack, Wood had alleged that Pocan’s partner, Philip Frank, sent him a series of threatening text messages in the days preceding the assault. Madison Police Capt. Joe Balles told The Daily Page that officials know the text messages “did not occur,” and the Pocan campaign said the text messages were “fabricated.”

The conservative website Media Trackers reported on the text messages, while the conservative website The Daily Caller reported on the attack and said it was punishment for Wood not supporting Pocan.

A spokesman for Pocan and an attorney representing Frank said they were considering suing for libel or defamation. Wood could also face charges including obstructing police or filing a false police report after police confer with the Dane County District Attorney’s Office, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

In fact, Joe Jervis (who runs Joe.My.God) had decided not to publish the story when it broke last week:

There were so many holes in Wood’s story, not the least of which were the “injuries” that were clearly inconsistent with his claims, that most LGBT news sites, including this one, did not report the story.  My “silence” on the “attack” spurred GOProud president Jimmy LaSalvia to taunt me on Twitter, ultimately telling me to “rot in hell” for my disbelief.

This latest bit of outrageous homocon fakery makes claims of being pushed off a bike or having a brick thrown through a window pale in repulsive comparison.  THIS time, the husband of a U.S. House candidate was smeared. Kyle Wood will surely get what is coming to him. But the worst part of his despicable crime is that now our enemies have yet another reason to suspect all future anti-gay violence.

Another example of how nasty elections have become – regardless of anyone’s sexuality. Yikes!