18-Year-Old Gay Beaten Unconscious In Oklahoma (VIDEO)

An 18-year old Tulsa, Oklahoma teen, Cody Rogers, who attended a party with friends was beaten into unconsciousness after a group of male teens shouted homophobic slurs including “Where are the fucking faggots?” and “Where are the homos?” and ”Get him, he’s down, get that queer.” From Fox 23 in Tulsa:

“There were some ladies who invited their boyfriends (to a going away party) who had a problem with some of the homosexuals that were there.”

Cody could hear the homophobic slurs from another room, and when those boyfriends were asked to leave the apartment, one refused. That person attacked cody’s friend, a 21 year-old girl.

“I stepped in and they threw me to the ground, obviously, I’m a little beat up,” Cody said.

As he was on the ground, the two teens attacking him kept shouting the slurs. His friends were shocked to see it all unfold.

“They were just so angry just over someone’s sexual orientation that they would do something like this,” Jordan Garrett told FOX23, “(Cody) looked as if a truck hit him.”

During the attack, Cody lost conciousness and when he came to, the attackers were gone. The police came minutes later.

“It’s classified as simple assault,” Cody said of the case.

His friend Jordan thinks it should be classified as more, “I believe 100 percent that this was a hate crime.”

Sexual orientation is not a protected class in Cklahoma. Cody’s using pictures of his battered body to try and push for change.

“I am not ashamed as to what happened. I am proud to stand here and show the bruises,” he said.

Oklahoma is one of just 19 states that don’t include sexual orientation as a protected class in their hate crime bills. Tulsa Police know that first hand.

“It’s got to be extremely frustrating when you feel like you’ve been chosen, picked,” Jason Willingham with the Tulsa Police Department said Tuesday.

Willingham said there is little the department can do.

“It’s something that’s out of our hands. It’s some that needs to be addressed at the state level.”
In states where attacking someone based on their sexual orientation is a hate crime, Cody’s attackers might be looking at possible felony charges.

To see Cody’s Page, Help Stop the Stomping, click here.

Watch the video…

Religious Right Continues To Scream ‘Tyranny’ Over Judge’s Anti-DOMA Decision

U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White, the judge who recently declared the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, is under fire from the wing nuts for his decision (unsurprisingly).

From Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters:

I’ve already mentioned how the Family Research Council called White a “San Francisco judge,” thereby making a sly implication about his sexual orientation.

Mat Staver and our favorite homophobe, “Porno Pete” LaBarbera accused White of “helping Obama sabotage marriage.”

Now Randy Thomasson of SaveCalifornia is getting into the act:

“Judge White is out of order. He is unconstitutional by ruling DOMA unconstitutional,” Thomasson contends.
Of course not one of these folks will talk about the following:

White was confirmed to the federal bench by a voice vote in the Senate after being nominated by President George W. Bush in 2002. He’s the only judge confirmed to California federal courts during Bush’s two terms. After being nominated, White was approved by a bipartisan judicial selection committee and received praise from Democrats and Republicans alike.

Of course, had the judge decided in the fringe’s favor, he would have been declared a hero and there’d be a slew of press releases “applauding” him for his decision. Who needs judges to protect our rights under the Constitution anyways?

RIP Davy Jones: Rocking Marcia On ‘The Brady Bunch’ (VIDEO)

Frontman of “The Monkees” Davy Jones, 66, died of a heart attack today in Florida. Although I never had a crush on him, my very favorite Davy Jones moment follows – when Marcia promises to score Davy for her prom and resorts to desperate measures including sneaking into the recording studio while he recorded this cheesy tune. BTW, Jones re-performed this song in The Brady Bunch Movie. Take a watch.

And years later…


DWTS’s William Levy: I Am A New Fan

With yesterday’s announcement of the new cast of the upcoming season of “Dancing With The Stars,” I am beholden with William Levy (whom I had never heard of). The Cuban-Mexican was a male model before being noticed in one of Jennifer Lopez’ videos. Enjoy the somewhat NSFW gallery below, and head over to Harvey Walker’s #Nerdjizz for a variety of REALLY NSFW pics. The big question: will we see him and Mark Ballas hokey-dokey shirtless?


Huge Shift In CA Marriage Equality Support: NOM Panics

It’s no wonder Brian Brown is “nervous.” In an email and NOM blog post today, Brown seems like he’s in a panic. Then asks for money. Then a mention of gays committing “brutal” attacks against marriage (hey, we want it too. I don’t think any of us want to destroy it). Then asks for more money. Then words like “bullies,” “shove gay marriage,” – well, you get the picture:

Marriage Supporter,

I’m starting to get nervous.

You have always been a marriage defender in our effort to stop our opponents from redefining marriage.

And your standing up to defend marriage has never been more critical than it will be in 2012!

The most important Presidential election of our lifetime…the chance to elect a pro-marriage Senate…federal protections for marriage under assault in the courts…battles raging in over a dozen states…

Marriage Supporter, I have to tell you, we need your help immediately to fight all these battles.

I hope you can make one immediate contribution today—NOM’s fight is more important today than it EVER has been, and we absolutely MUST have your support.

Our opponents are hungrier and stronger than they have ever been in their brutal attacks on traditional marriage and we cannot let them redefine us. We will stand up and fight to maintain our traditional beliefs and protect the most sacred institution of them all—one-man one-woman marriage.

So please help, because you and I are capable of winning ANY fight for marriage as long as we are united. We have done it before, and we WILL do it again.

Just 9 months ago, the anti-marriage crusaders bullied their way through the New York legislature to shove gay marriage down the throats of New Yorkers.

And so far this year, the Governors of Washington state and Maryland (suffering, I suspect, from “Cuomo envy”—a nasty condition), have strong-armed their state legislatures into passing bills legalizing same-sex marriage.

Of course, NOM immediately sprang into action in both states—helping organize the on-the-ground, grassroots coalition and network of churches and other organizations to collect the signatures to get marriage on the ballot in November. The fight is far from over!

But, marriage supporter, there’s no telling what they will try to do next! We cannot allow this to happen across our great country. With your help, we will STOP the bullies in their tracks, right the wrongs they’ve already imposed and make sure they leave long-standing traditional marriage alone.

We don’t have any choice. We are one of the few organizations in America willing to stand up to the “gay marriage” bullies and their media allies.

Duane Michals: The Nature Of Desire

“It is no accident that you are reading this. I am making black marks on white paper. These marks are my thoughts, and although I do not know who you are reading this now, in some way the lines of our lives have intersected… For the length of these few sentences, we meet here.”

“It is no accident that you are reading this. This moment has been waiting for you, I have been waiting for you. Remember me.”

- Duane Michals, photographer

Cast Announced: Urkel Joins ‘Dancing With The Stars’

ABC has announced the celebrity cast members competing in the 14th season of Dancing With The Stars. As a huge fan of the show, I am excited that Half Pint, Sherry Shepard and Gladys Knight will dance, but the fact that Jaleel White, Urkel from the 1990′s sitcom Family Matters, is in the DWTS cast will be an interesting addition. Another Rob Kardashian, perhaps? Here’s the full cast:

Donald Driver – “The Greenbay Packer”
Gavin Degraw – “The Platinum Pop Star”
Gladys Knight – “The Empress of Soul”
Jack Wagner – “Soap’s Steamiest”
Jaleel White – “The Sitcom Star”
Katherine Jenkins – “The Sexy Soprano”
Maria Menounos – “Hollywood’s Hottest Host”
Martina Navratilova – “The Tennis Legend”
Melissa Gilbert – “The Little House Legend”
Roshon Fegan – “Disney’s Triple Threat”
Sherri Shepherd – “The View’s Sassiest”
William Levy – “The Latin Hottie”

Two Questions:

First, who is this William Levy, aka “The Latin Hottie,” and how often will we see him shirtless?

william-levy-shirtless-14 William_Levy_body_hiarcut bcc260f8a4d2988df41908281895ac33

And second, perhaps the most important question of all, will Jaleel White do the Urkel dance? (Sorry about the ad – all embeds of this video on YouTube have been disabled. Fucking Hollywood).


The Gay Kiss Gone Viral: The Boys Speak Up (VIDEO)

You may have seen the awesome photo of a Marine’s and his boyfriend’s emotional homecoming photo this week that went viral on the internet and made the quiet couple the talk of the town. Marine Sgt. Brandon Morgan returned on Feb. 22 from Afghanistan and as he jumped into Dalan Wells’ arms, a friend snapped the now-famous photo. The boys have spoken up in a Hawaiian TV interview…