Royal Marines in Afghanistan Bathing Nude (NSFW)

Documentarian Chris Terrill was embedded with the Lima Company of the Royal Marines in Afghanistan for his series Royal Marines:Mission Afghanistan. We are glad he got HOT footage of the Marines bathing nude. We need to know at least some boys are having fun in this war. But remember, you can ask and can tell!

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NH Governor John Lynch To Veto Anti-Marriage Equality Repeal (VIDEO)

Good news from the fight for marriage equality in the Granite State of New Hampshire. Governor John Lynch has announced that he will veto any bill that comes to him repealing gay marriage. New Englanders tend to want people to leave them alone and this is a strong message to NOM and all the out-of-state wing nuts who feel compelled to dictate definition of marriage and family. Hopefully, he has enough votes in the legislature to avoid a veto override.

I can hear Maggie Gallagher slurping her soup in disgust right now. Watch below…


Novak Djokovic Wins Australian Open and Rips Shirt Off

Novak Djokovic of Serbia rips his shirt off after winning championship point in his men’s final match against Rafael Nadal of Spain during day fourteen of the 2012 Australian Open at Melbourne Park yesterday in Melbourne, Australia.  And lucky for us, he does this often.

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