Gay Man Stabbed, Brutally Beaten and Burned in Texas

Hate crimes against gay men continue. After a man in Scotland was attacked and burned in Scotland, Georgia, and the UK, a similar hate crime took place in Reno, Texas this past weekend. This violence needs to stop and we need people to understand the continued anti-gay hatred that we feel threatened by every day. Hate crimes are not “special protections.” When is the last time you’ve heard about a straight man encountering the same violence?

Burke Burnett said he was at a private party at about 1 a.m. when four men suddenly attacked him, stabbing him at least twice with a broken beer bottle before throwing him onto a fire. His attackers yelled things like “pussy-ass faggot,” “gay bitch” and “c*ck-sucking punk,” Burnett said.

Burnett said it took 30 stitches to close stab wounds to his back and forearm, as well as a cut above his left eye. He also sustained second-degree burns and severe bruises.

“They knew I was gay,” Burnett said Monday. “I’m convinced they were trying to kill me.”

Jeff Sugg, interim chief of the Reno Police Department, released a statement Monday afternoon saying: “The Reno Police Department is currently investigating an aggravated assault that took place last weekend. The investigation is ongoing and additional information will be provided when available.”


Burnett says he knows his attackers and was heckled at the party before the assailants began throwing punches. He is staying with a friend and says he’s scared to go home, and scared it will “get brushed under the rug” in his small conservative town.

NOM Gets Into The Halloween Spirit

Instead of condemning Halloween as Satan’s holiday as other good Christians do, NOM is pleading for money under the guise of “Trick or Treat.”

Funny – they didn’t mention the sanctity of Kim Kardashian’s marriage

Pat Robertson: Halloween Is Satan’s Night

Happy Halloween bitches witches! Guess what? Pat Robertson warns us once again to ignore Satan’s official holiday.

Via Right Wing Watch:

Meeuwsen: This is Ken, he says ‘Pat, it may sound odd, but Halloween is one of the biggest events at my church. Every year, we host one of the area’s largest haunted houses. They say it’s a great outreach to the unsaved community, but it’s starting to irk me. I feel really unsettled by the fact that our church has a Haunted House. What are your thoughts?’

Robertson: I agree with you, we need the power of God not some kind of ersatz entertainment. We don’t believe in haunted, we don’t believe in ghosts, we don’t believe in all this business.

Meeuwsen: You don’t celebrate it.

Robertson: Halloween is Satan’s night, it’s the night for the devil. It’s All Hallow’s Eve but its time when witches and goblins—

Meeuwsen: Ok that’s evident in the kinds of things that are for sale.

Robertson: Of course, it’s out there. Its skeletons and all this, like the dead rising. Churches shouldn’t do that, you should do something else besides having a haunted house. I’m sure it’s popular, it is probably a big deal, people come to get scared, you’ve got spiders and cobwebs and all that. But—you can bob for apples, you can do all kind of different things and have a big party.

Meeuwsen: Most churches have actually an alternative evening for families.

Robertson: That’s what you need but not a haunted house, I agree with you. You’re feeling badly? You should.

Now, if you can excuse me, I need to put on my devil ears and red makeup.