Australians For Marraige Equality (VIDEO)

My blog and Burning Man buddy Brenton (who writes the great blog Aussielicious) shared this project and resulting video for marriage equality. 250 volunteers came together on a Sunday afternoon in Sydney Town Hall for Australian Marriage Equality. The aim was to create a “mega-mob” video to show the statistics in support of marriage equality.

Unicorn Booty Is Moving Its Booty to New Orleans (VIDEO)

Kevin Farrell

Nick Vivion and Kevin Farrell of Unicorn Booty Blog announced an ambitious project today to relocate their blog (and themselves) to New Orleans. But, this is more than a move – the boys plan to build a “brick-and-mortar location for our online community.” The hot couple will call the vertically integrated gay company Booty’s. I met Kevin and Nick at Burning Man and am impressed with the great site (and social media following) they’ve built. I call them Oprah and Ellen of the gay blogging world. Kevin is from New Orleans but left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. This will be his big gay return to his hometown.

I plan to have Kevin and Nick on my podcast in the next week or so to tell you more about it, but be sure to check out the very gay project here and their blog here – and watch the video below that will explain this project much better than I can.

Their project also includes a gay bar/nightclub. I’m there!

Nick Vivion

Cute Boy Walks Across America (VIDEO)

This past February, Nate Damm started walking in Delaware and headed west. For the hell of it. He has documented his walk via Facebook and YouTube and just hit California. I always admire endeavors like this, and if I ever get the chance I would love to walk the Appalachian Trail. What’s your dream adventure?


From Nate’s website:

Are you doing this thing alone? Yup. For the most part, anyway. I have an open-walk policy. If you want to join me for a stretch, let me know and we’ll figure out where to meet up, etc.

How long will the walk take to complete? I’m thinking somewhere in between 8-9 months. I will be in no rush.

Where will you sleep? Wherever I can find a place! I will not be staying in hotels, except on very rare occasions. I plan to do a mix of camping, Couchsurfing and staying with people who offer to let me stay for a night along the way.

What will you eat? This is tough to answer in detail at the moment. I will be trying to eat in the most inexpensive manner possible, for the most part. Restaurant stops will be happening, but not often. A few items that come to mind right now: bread/bagels, peanut butter, trail mix (raisins, peanuts, m&ms), noodles, rice. I will be sharing all of the groceries I buy, with prices, along the way.

Why are you starting in March? On a walk from East to West across America, there is a pretty limited window when it’s possible (or at least not somewhat dangerous). You need to leave early enough so that you can make it through the mountainous regions of the West before snow comes, while still leaving late enough so winter on the East coast isn’t in full swing. March works!

What gear/equipment will you use? Basically just normal camping and backpacking stuff. A backpack, sleeping bag, tent, cooking stove, food, clothing, toiletries, etc. And my laptop of course!

How much money will this trip cost? This is the part of the trip I’m finding the most difficult to plan. I’m hoping to keep it under $3,500 by camping or using other free lodging alternatives and not eating at restaurants often. This includes gear that I will have to buy along the way (shoes, clothing, stove fuel, etc). One thing I can tell you for certain is that I will be sharing all of the purchases I make in detail along the way. I’m a big numbers and metrics person so that’s what I would want to see!

Will you be attempting to grow a massive beard along the way? Umm… yes :-) Not sure how well this will go though.

Check out Nate’s website, Facebook page and YouTube account…walk on, Nate!