What Does A Girl Bring to #BurningMan? – Here’s My List

I reread this and am laughing my ass off….

Burning Man Supplies

  1. Combination lock
  2. Duct tape
  3. Zip ties
  4. Bungie Cords
  5. Broom
  6. Tools (from patio bins)
  7. iPod
  8. iPod player
  9. Headlamp (pick up in storage)
  10. 10. Moist towelettes
  11. 11. Pots/Pans
  12. 12. Party favors
  13. 13. D batteries!!!
  14. 14. Bike pump
  15. 15. Bike lock


  1. Mike’s Hard Liquor
  2. Box Wine
  3. 2 cases Tecate in cans
  4. 1 vodka handle + mixers (soda)
  5. Lemons, limes, apples
  6. Cereal
  7. Soy Milk
  8. Drinking water
  9. Plastic cups
  10. 10. Disposable plates
  11. 11. Disposable bowls
  12. 12. Plastic silverware
  13. 13. Trash bags
  14. 14. Sandwich stuff
  15. 15. Pasta and sauce (or prepackaged “ready to cook”)
  16. 16. Raman noodles
  17. 17. Snacks
  18. 18. Candy
  19. 19. Salad fixings



  1. Costumes
  2. Sheet for gay toga party
  3. Boots
  4. Shoes/clothes to wear home
  5. Shampoo/soap
  6. Medications
  7. Toothpaste
  8. Deoderant
  10. Condoms
  11. Lube
  12. Towels
  13. Hats
  14. Bedding
  15. Pillow
  16. Sarongs
  17. Bandanas
  18. Necklaces
  19. Sneakers
  20. Socks
  21. Cute underwear
  22. Crystal McNugget (drag alter-ego)
  23. Cock ring
  24. Poppers?






Rick Perry: NOM’s Mad Lib Game

To no one’s surprise, Gov. Rick Perry has signed the evil NOM anti-marriage equality pledge. Instead of reporting the NOM “breaking news” release verbatim, I thought I’d share as a Mad-Lib. It will make a great Friday night drinking game!

“Kudos to Gov. Rick Perry for making it _______(adj): he’s a _______(noun) champion!,” said _____(name) Brown, ______(noun) of NOM.  “The purpose of NOM’s ______(adj) Pledge is to _____ (verb) from vague _____(noun) statements to concrete______(noun)  to protect ______(noun). Gov. Perry joins ______(adj) Bachmann, _____(adj) Romney and _____(adj) Santorum as a ______(noun) of NOM Marriage Pledge.  By doing so, Perry makes ______(noun) that, contrary to the conventional______(cats) , gay marriage is going to be a _____(adj) issue in 2012 than it was in 2008, because the difference between the GOP nominee and Pres. Obama is going to be ______(adj).  We look forward to demonstrating that being for ______(noun) is a winning ______(noun) for a presidential candidate.”

Have fun and stay sober!

Wing Nuts Still Claim They Know Nothing About Dominionism

It seems that the entire religious right is claiming they know nothing about Dominionism. Earlier in the week, Pat Robertson said he had no idea what the term meant and, whatever it was, it did not apply to him. Today, Matt Barber tweeted the following:

It’s interesting these people have no idea about this concept since they actively hold conferences about “world domination” and challenge every legal case keeping church and state separate.

As Right Wing Watch writes, “If the Religious Right really doesn’t know anything about dominionism, maybe they ought to start researching their own history and agenda.”

Read more here.

Hot Boys of #BurningMan (NSFW)

2 more days and DanNation and boys are outta here for 8 days to live large at Burning Man. Of course, this blog, like a fine restaurant, will be closed for business while the owner goes off on vacation. It’s the first week away from work I’ve taken since 2007.

If you head to the Playa this year, be sure to visit us at Mudskipper’s Cafe at 7:30 and Graduation. We will serve root beer floats every day at 2pm.

If you can’t make it, here are sights of some hot Burner boys to make you jealous. Just click to engorge enlarge and see the gallery.