Will Maine See Gay Marriage?

Looks like my home state of Maine is gearing up to get marriage equality the law of the land (again). From LGBT Nation:

More than 150 LGBT advocates gathered on the steps of the Lewiston, Maine, City Hall on Thursday to announce a campaign to put the issue of marriage equality back on the ballot in 2012, just three years after it was rejected by Maine voters.

The issue was intensely political when it dominated Maine news in 2009. A bill allowing same-sex marriage passed largely along party lines in the Democrat-controlled Senate and House that year and was signed into law by Democratic Gov. John Baldacci.A people’s veto effort was immediately launched, run by a coalition of evangelical Christian churches and the Catholic church in Maine. Outside support was provided to both sides and overall spending on the referendum question totaled $9.6 million.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Read more here.

Lady Gaga Joins Tumblr

In a move that is sure to delight thousands of Little Monsters, Lady Gaga is now on Tumblr. Under the title Amen Fashion, Gaga is sharing her life one snapshot at a time (the first one she posted is above). Check it out and subscribe via RSS here.

Today’s Gratuitous Pic: Tampa Bay Rays Cutie Sam Fuld

I’m definitely a fair-weather baseball fan. But Sam Fuld from the Tampa Bay Rays definitely gets my jock strap in a tizzy. Just hitting 30 years old and having won in the Major Leagues with Type 1 diabetes, he should be a true hero to many Americans. He is only one of nine Jewish players in the Major Leagues.  And, he is hot as hell. Anyone have any shirtless pics of him?

Home run!