Today’s gratuitous pics of Donny Wright

I think Donny Wright is one of the hottest gay porn actors (he is part of Randy Blue). Today, he posted photos from a new shoot on his Facebook page and I share them here (Donny, if you want these removed please let me know). SMOKIN’!!

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Oklahoma Crazy Sally Kern Hates Science (and Gays)

If you haven’t heard of nutso Oklahoma legislator Sally Kern, you’ve missed someone who feels that science is controversial and wants to force gays into “treatment centers.” Her latest move: Christianizing Oklahoma’s science curriculum.

Via The Progressive Puppy:

Think Progress reports:  State Rep. Sally Kern (R) has proposed the second anti-evolution bill this year in Oklahoma.  Entitled the “Scientific Education and Academic Freedom Act,” the bill, which will be first considered next month, would require the state and local authorities to “assist teachers to find more effective ways to present the science curriculum where it addresses scientific controversies” (which do NOT include evolution, according to every legitimate science organization) and permit teachers to “help students understand, analyze, critique, and review” the scientific strengths and weaknesses of “existing theories.”  But the only topics mentioned in the bill as contestable are “biological evolution, the chemical origins of life, global warming, and human cloning.” …Kern has frequently used Oklahoma’s education system as a prop for her grandstanding.  As the Wonk Room’s Pat Garofalo points out, Kern fought vehemently against educational reforms to bolster Oklahoma’s chances in winning grants through the Race to the Top program, saying: “These are standards that are not American standards. ‘Race to the Top’ is Obama’s baby.” (How typical of a narrow-minded GOPer:  Progress must be avoided at all costs.  God preserve us from the ideas of an educated black man.)

I’m surprised that she didn’t mention theories around stem-cell research. Read more about the craziness here.

Gino D’Acampo Cooks Naked on Live TV

Four months ago, Gino D’Acampo promised viewers of This Morning that he would cook naked if the show won a National Television Award – it did and he kept his promise. So here is the full version of Gino cooking naked broadcast live on ITV1 from Thursday 27th January 2011.

Religious Right Obsessed With Anal Sex

Wingnuts in today’s LGBT news

From Queerty: “What Does Maggie Gallagher Think About Anal Sex?”

Anal sex is painful, unsanitary, unsatisfying for women and creates unique risks for serious physical diseases (if you doubt me, go read the Wikipedia entry on the subject) because the anus is not designed for sexual intercourse, increasing the risk of torn flesh and the intermingling of bodily fluids—blood, semen, fecal matter—that can spread an astonishing variety of diseases. The female partner is far more at risk than the man in these encounters. This should be a feminist issue.

—Maggie Gallagher, the NOM founder who’s branching out into anti-abortion matters, somehow managed to wait this long to turn butt sex into a feminist issue

The jokes are writing themselves these days, y’all.  In response to my post about Maggie Gallagher’s prurient interest in the way even consenting straight people have sex [she describes anal sex as if she's talking about rape, of course], Peter LaBarbera got on his Twitter machine and tut-tutted the following:
In case you didn’t know, Peter LaBarbera is president of hate group Americans for Truth and Maggie Gallagher chair of the hate group National Organization of Marriage (NOM). Both are obsessed with gays, but Maggie is late to the anal sex game. Peter has been attending Pride and leather events for years. In fact, the right discusses gay sex more than my gay friends.

Thailand Launches Tranny Airline

The world is really changing. Hopefully, other businesses will assume similar strategies to challenge those who consider transsexuals “freaks” in our society. And it is called “PC Air.” From The Telegraph:

PC Air, which has yet to take to the skies, selected three “Ladyboys” in its first round of hiring this week to promote equal opportunities for what is dubbed the “third sex” in Thailand.

“I think these people can have many careers – not just in the entertainment business – and many of them have a dream to be an air hostess,” he said. “I just made their dream come true. Our society has changed. It’s evolution. I’m a pioneer and I’m sure there will be other organisations following my idea.”

Peter Chan, the new airline’s boss, is enthusiastic about his groundbreaking move because of the opportunities it would afford transsexuals.

Read more here.