Two Great TV Moments from 2010

First, the opening to the 2010 Emmys – the best opening to an award show I’ve seen in a LONG time:

And then Betty White hosted SNL:

Tina Fey and Betty White are in both. Go figure!

Products for Gays: What’s In My Murse?

I am rarely seen without my Timbuktu bag – it’s the perfect size to carry my items back and forth to work, around San Francisco and while traveling. Here’s what I carry with me…

Timbuktu bag: I am a bag whore. I usually buy a new one every year and with my iPad have downsized to a bag just a bit larger than the device. I have also purchased (and love) Chrome bags. Both are tough and made in San Francisco. Being the OCD person that I am, I also appreciate pockets, compartments and other perks that both brands offer.

Apple iPad: Of course, you all realize how much I love my 32 Gig 3G/WiFi iPad. Use it all the time. But, I really LOVE my DodoCase. Handmade by book binders in San Francisco, the case is much like the note book I used to carry. I also have a stylus that I can use to take notes with UPad – which accepts my handwriting much like my former note book.

Then I have items that go with me from murse to murse: my reusable Thermos coffee mug (replete with chew marks from one of the dogs), my Bose headphones (now held together with duct tape but working great) and my ear buds. With rainy season upon us, a small umbrella is necessary as well as hand sanitizer and moisturizer (for my wrinkles). Finally, I always carry my reading glasses – which is about the only way I can read my iPhone these days.

The bag is also perfect for carrying that special bottle of wine to a dinner party…with that said, time to start getting ready for New Year’s Eve. Happy 2011 everyone!

What’s in YOUR murse?

Icons We Lost in 2010

Today is a day of looking back at the past year. For me personally, it sucked but with good outcomes. I was hospitalized and diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I lost a very dear friend and we had our share of financial issues. So I look at 2011 with tons of hope and look forward to turning 45 next week.

With that said, we lost many public figures – many of whom I grew up with. MSNBC took a look at some of these well-known celebrities, politicians and gay icons like Lena Horne and Rue Maclanahan.

Video includes Lena Horne, Tony Curtis, Joan Sutherland, Jean Simmons, Patricia Neal, Gloria Stuart, Lynn Redgrave, Jill Clayburgh, Rue McClanahan, Dixie Carter, Mitch Miller, Eddie Fisher, Art Linkletter, Gary Coleman, Tom Bosley, Barbara Billingsley, Leslie Nielsen, Peter Graves, Robert Culp, James MacArthur, John Forsythe, Pernell Roberts, Fess Parker, Jimmy Dean, Merlin Olsen, George Blanda, Don Meredith, John Wooden, Manute Bol, Bobby Thomson, Bob Feller, Ron Santo, Sparky Anderson, Ernie Harwell, Bob Sheppard, George Steinbrenner, Juan Antonio Samaranch, Dennis Hopper, Arthur Penn, Blake Edwards, Solomon Burke, Teddy Pendergrass, Teena Marie, Alexander McQueen, Elizabeth Edwards, Dorothy Height, Benjamin Hooks, Wilma Mankiller, Jaime Escalante, Miep Gies, Richard Holbrooke, Theodore Sorensen, Alexander Haig, Ted Stevens, Robert Byrd, Dan Rostenkowski, John Murtha, Charlie Wilson, James Kilpatrick, Daniel Schorr, Edwin Newman, J.D. Salinger.

More Gay Boys With Beards

You see many young pretty boys on DanNation. Like ‘em. But I really like boys with beards and face fuzz. Which is why you should fan the Facebook Page Gay Boys With Beards. You won’t be disappointed. Here are some of the hotties – you may even know someone here!

Gays and Lesbians Dancing in the 1950s (VIDEO)

This looks like the birthday party I had two years ago. Note the queen with his shirt tied above his navel. And is that drag queen Klinger from M*A*S*H?

From YouTube description:

A look inside a lesbian and gay club in the late 50s or early 60s. From Jacopetti’s ‘Women of the World.’

Love the music!