David Pakman Takes on Porno Pete

David Pakman’s great interview of Peter LaBarbera on Midweek Politics Radio. He takes on LaBarbera’s anti-gaytred and asks some great questions. LaBarbera also admits to taking photos at Folsom Street Fair – an event that he describes as one with “thousands of nude men.” Having attended the Fair for years, I can attest to the fact that while some men are naked at the event, there are as many women who are. The event is also a strong mix of heteros AND homos, so to take selected data from the event to make it appear that the entire gay community is allowed to run around naked and having sex in the streets is ludicrous.

Partial video is below; visit the site for a longer audio podcast. It’s worth it!

Today’s gratuitous pic: Graig Cooper


Graig Cooper, our Sexy Straight Ally

You may have read my post about the great letter that Graig Cooper wrote to an anti-gay person on his Facebook page. He and his girlfriend, Suzan, put on the monthly Nasty event at Powerhouse in SOMA, which A filthy “fun-raiser” for the AIDS Emergency Fund, held the first Friday of every month. Graig and Suzan are great straight allies to our community, and you should check out their events.

Found on Flickr: Up Your Alley 2010

4828621145_91cb1ac743_z This past Sunday was the infamous Up Your Alley weekend (you may have heard of it as Dore Alley). Boys and leather playing Twister. Aaaah. These will be the days I remember.

DanNation – This Is Your Life

Where have I been, you ask? Let’s just say I’ve been dealing with some personal mental health issues. I have been depressed for quite some time and took medical leave from work since early June seeking treatment for what is now diagnosed as bipolar disorder. I have to say it’s been a life-changing two months.

My major downfall happened on Sunday afternoon during the first weekend in June. Due to a day of boozing combined with a major depression, I had thoughts of suicide. I’ve had so many people say: “You have so much to live for. Why would you think of such a thing?” I hate when people ask that. When you are chronically depressed (and find out that you are actually bipolar), there seems to be no way out. One day you are at rock bottom. Two days later you are feeling GREAT for three days. Then back down. Even with all the therapy I’ve had, I still didn’t have the tools to manage it. After daily group and individual therapy, an adjustment of my meds to better manage my brain and a supportive husband without whom I wouldn’t have risen from the ashes (cliche I know, but I haven’t written anything here for months).

Another things I hate about what people say to you when depressed:

  • “Don’t worry. You’ll be normal again.”
  • “You should just let what’s bothering you bounce right off you. Move on!”

Gee, thanks. I wish it were so easy to “bounce” back. And I detest the word “normal.” Normal to whom?

Anyways, enough ranting and raving. I am feeling great and return to work full-time next week (I’ve been part-time for the past 3 weeks).

May the force be with me…

Sing Along to Eight is Enough Theme Song

I used to love Eight is Enough and stumbled upon this karaoke version of the theme song  – sung by hunk Grant Goodeve who played David. Did you know that Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) was originally cast in the role and appears in the pilot? However, after the pilot aired, Hamill got his now legendary role in Star Wars and passed on the role for the series. Now, without further adieu, is the karaoke version of the Season 3 and later theme.

An Apple a Day…Confessions of an Apple Addict

IMG_0002 After an initial dislike of my MacBook in 2006, I think I’ve been bitten by the Apple bug. In our house, we have:

  • MacBook (Rich)
  • MacBook Pro (Dan)
  • MacBook Pro #2 (Dan’s work)
  • iPhone (both of us)
  • Apple TV
  • iPod Classic
  • iPod Shuffle
  • iPod Shuffle #2 (missing in action)

Should we go to AA (Apple Anonymous)? Love my iPad by the way. I bought the 16G WiFi version since I didn’t want to pay AT&T more money. It is fine for my needs – mostly reading books, reviewing blogs, playing games (mostly Scrabble) and reference.