The Longest Day of the Year

It’s the longest day of the year. It’s also been the longest month of my life. I will come back and share more details later, but in the meantime be sure to join all the hot boys out at the pool!

Get Chace Crawford’s Look!

When the web goes just plain wrong!

Apparently, Chace Crawford was arrested early this morning in Plano, Texas in possession of a marijuana joint. His mug shot is now hitting all the gossip blogs but most interesting is the post at Just Jared – check out the “Get the look” button under Crawford’s orange jump suit mug shot. I don’t think I want it.


Mr. Grindr Goes to Washington

Grindr-Cascade-Main-View-screenshot-1.0.5-with-iPhone Truth Wins Out reports on a “Grindr” investigation by the Washington Examiner to find gay men in and around the White House, Capitol and other venues in Washington DC. Watch out! Grindr should NOT be used in Senate rest rooms. Apparently, there are more men at “0″ feet in the White House briefing room than in the Castro!

Happy Gay Pride Month 2010!

AllAmericanGayborhood Each June, fellow blogger and old friend Kelly Stern posts a photo from the front of his house and asks all of us in the gay bloggersphere to post the photo at our blogs as well. Well, wouldn’t want to miss doing so this year.

I am so proud of who I am and what I’ve done (even though many who know me well might doubt that I believe that!).

Here’s what Kelly has to say about this infamous pic:

This is an old picture from our old house…. I call it “All American Gayborhood”…It hangs on the side of this blog constantly… Since 2006, as usual… I am asking you to post this pic on your blog and your Facebook and MySpace places… June is PRIDE month and we need to celebrate…  let me know if you post it and tell me your story…. I will leave this up for the month….WE are all Americans and WE all need to be treated equal… This post will stay at top of my blog all during June..


Live…from my iPad – Cute Bunny Alert

I am blogging right now from my fairly new iPad which I predict will change our consumption of media as we know it. I went for the entry-level 16 gig wi-fi version which suits my “surfing on the couch,” reading, Facebooking and other needs quite well. Not interested in giving AT&T any more money, either.

My friend Dave was over the other night and created the cute bunny below in the draw program.

And games (especially Scrabble) are quite cool, too.

Posted from my WordPress iPad app…

R.I.P. Rue McClanahan

rue-mcclanahan-deadMy third RIP post as in as in many days, it seems.

Three down, one to go. I almost fell out of my train seat this morning when I read that Rue had passed at 1am this morning. She suffered a massive stroke (the second one within a year).

The 76-year-old Golden Girls star and Emmy-winning actress had a massive stroke on Monday and passed away on Thursday. But she “had her family with her,” her manager, Barbara Lawrence, tells People. “She went in peace.”

Betty White is the only surviving Golden Girl as Rue’s costar, Beatrice Arthur, died from cancer last year and Estelle Getty died in 2008.

Betty tells ET, “Rue was a close and dear friend. I treasure our relationship. It hurts more than I ever thought it would, if that’s even possible.”

When Bea died last year, I was riding into Rest Stop 4 as part of my AIDS Lifecycle training. Grown men were sobbing as they sat on curbs next to their bikes. While there weren’t many grown men crying on CalTrain this morning, I must have looked like one.

Below is the “Best of Blanche.” Enjoy. And, Rue, thank you for being a friend!