Flinging Feces and then Chasing it to Eat

Am I speaking about monkeys?

No. Republicans.

Rachel Maddow did a great piece tonight on the “myth of bipartisanship.” She shares the non-secret that the same members of Congress who voted against the Stimulus Bill are quick to pose for photo opportunities with recipients of the same funds. Hypocrisy at it’s worst.  The segment speaks for itself – watch.

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Irrational Anti-gay Arguments

afa_nonsense Since I subscribe to various right wing-nut email lists, I usually get to see the daily anti-gay rhetoric fill my email box. Today’s nonsense drivel comes in the form of an American Family Association email about repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Gays showering with straights? Absolutely.

If President Obama, congressional Democrats, and homosexual activists get their wish, your son or daughter may be forced to share military showers and barracks with active and open homosexuals who may very well view them with sexual interest.

What is so humorous (and scary) about this fear mongering is that gays and straights have showered together in the military for decades; we have showered together in college dorms, gym locker rooms and KOA campgrounds for Chrissake. I also like all the retired white military guys quoted as voicing opposition to removing DADT.

Again, the anti-gay fight against such matter as marriage and repealing DADT has very little to do about protecting the “sanctity” of marriage and “sexual predators” in the military and has everything to do with the wingnuts’ concerns about the legitimization of homosexuality.

And, if your son or daughter is old enough to hold their own in one of our two wars, a parent’s last fear should be with whom they are showering. Wouldn’t you be more worried about who is shooting at your children? That gay showering next to them may be the same soldier to prevent that bullet from hitting them.

I don’t know whether to laugh or be angry at this email. I just know that these groups will stop at nothing. Proceed with caution.

Of course, I am still surprised (and I guess not surprised) that I have O+ blood — making me a universal blood donor — and I am still not allowed to give blood.

Season Five of DanNation

Just a quick check-in post on me. I’ve spent some time doing something tonight that I haven’t done in quite awhile — going back in time and reading my blog.  I call it “Life Roulette.” You go to your archive module on the right rail and pick a month. You then pick a random post and you can read something like this one from 2006.

This post first aired right after I moved back to San Francisco in 2006. I had never lived as an out gay man in San Francisco since I only came out in Santa Fe in 2001. That was after 10 years in San Francisco sneaking around, meeting men and living in my Ikea closet. I felt a new-found freedom and happiness.

I had a conversation with a friend over this past weekend about how us gay men have to go through their “gay youth” well into our 20s, 30s and 40s depending on when we come out. I spent most of last decade confronting (celebrating) my gay adolescence and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Since then, many of my blogger friends no longer blog. I miss the interaction I use to have on here. Facebook didn’t exist. Twitter didn’t exist. This was it.

This post reminds me of that era…

FROM APRIL 23, 2006

Bears, bears, bears everywhere

And, it was a good day at that!

The fellow bloggers I met are fun and true folks. Since we already all know each other from our writings, it is always a formality to meet in person. However, I yearn to learn more about my blogging cohorts all the time. Today, that happened.

With all this said, I will go back to the merits of a $10-all-you-can-drink event at The Eagle. It rocks.

What I do love about bear bars versus other gay venues is the pure honesty that this segment of our community has about who they are. They are comfortable and honest and clear with themselves. I admire that aspect of today’s outing. When I am with men that feel comfortable with themselves, I feel better about me. I can relate on a whole new level when superficiality is removed.

I had a wonderful day of spending time with fellow bloggers Brettcajun, Moby, Homer, Chad Fox and others at The Eagle Tavern’s Sunday Beer Bust. But, let me just say that me in a Bear Bar is like a sheep in a wolf’s den.

I HEART bear bars.

And those there HEART me.

There’s something about hairy manly men that is quite sexy.

Being shoved left and right in a crowded room while trying to hold onto my $10-all-you-can-drink keg beer reminds me of fraternity parties in college. Having my ass grabbed and told I look like Matthew Broderick (in his “Wargames” days) is quite flattering. Hanging out with cool guys and new friends is always the best. It was a true San Franhomo day.

I am always mesmurized with the abundance of beards at bear bars. I go out of my way to shave and moisterize and prune as much as humanly possible. I have experimented with my own facial hair and friends always remind me that I need more dense hair follicles for making my beard at least a bit believable. At The Eagle today, the sheer abundance of beards reminded me that my own hormones could work a bit harder; I can get away with two days without shaving for anyone to notice. I have to admit that I find facial hair on men sexy. Many of these men, however, probably get 5 o’clock shadow at 11 a.m. I will never know the need to shave constantly and I am grateful.