This Chick is Nuts – but her desires for a theocracy widespread

Linda Harvey of Mission:America published her “Top 10 Ways to Make Kids Truly Safe in 2010.” Unfortunately, these views are held by many on the right wingnut side. Here’s a sampling:

…Children should be civil to all, but refuse to be manipulated into “respecting” Islam, praying to Allah, etc., no matter how many points it counts on the social studies/diversity unit test. They should urge every girl they know wearing a hijab to remove it and no longer submit to a system of subtle bondage. They should share the Gospel of Jesus Christ deliberately with every Muslim they know— and make sure these lost kids know that Christians believe in a loving God who gives us free will…

…Let’s give our children some true leadership choices. Let’s leave them examples like Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, Mike Pence. Let’s stop propping up a failed and compromised GOP, and let’s make sure the Democratic/Socialist party fades into oblivion…

…Let’s start sending our children to Christian schools, conservative charter schools, or begin home schooling them, while we simultaneously evict our local NEA-backed public school boards and replace them with smart soccer moms and dads who have true family values…

…Get all pro-homosexual and pro-promiscuity programs, literature, teachers, and counselors out of every school now. Remove “gay” clubs, Planned Parenthood at health fairs, and GLSEN- PFLAG- SIECUS activists. Cease all condom demonstrations, abortion referrals, on-site birth control dispensing, sexual orientation affirmation, and messing with children’s hearts, minds and bodies. Demand that schools uphold the traditional value of heterosexual identities, teach abstinence- until- marriage, and celebrate male/ female gender differences…

…Allow—no, welcome– Christianity back into the American public square…in schools, in community groups, in city council meetings, in the Senate, on city streets, in the courthouse square, in the media, in college lectures. Laugh at the ACLU. Elect judges who agree. Don’t elect presidents who think we are no longer a Christian nation…

I guess the concept of separation of church and state doesn’t mean much to these people. Of course, let’s not get started on science versus religion. Rich and I often joke that if Sarah Palin becomes presidents, we gays can look forward to internment camps and deportation. Furthermore, I love Palin’s positioning as a “true leader” – she quit the governorship for goodness sakes. With writings like this, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Hey – I have an idea. How about if ALL religion were illegal. 90% of our wars would be history. Think about it.

Sarah Vs. Levi

Apparently, Bristol Palin is suing Levi Johnston for custody of their kid. According to the Alaska Dispatch,

A Dec. 23 order from Judge Kari C. Kristiansen denied Palin’s motion to close the proceedings and opened the case file to public access, while an order issued the same day by Presiding Judge Sharon Gleason denied Palin’s request to use John and Jane Doe in place of Johnston’s and her own real names.

Wow. Blacking out McCain’s name on her visor last week and trying to be “Jane Doe” the next – I’ve never seen Sarah so shy about publicity. And, a good excuse to run photos of Levi Johnston. Later gents.


Stuff My Stocking


I hope everyone has a wonderful and love-filled holiday!

Rich spent the day feeding Christmas dinner to the needy while I slept in (and feel guilty for it). As he becomes a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, he joins other Sisters serving coffee and food at Tenderloin Tessies. We have a relatively uneventful evening planned – we will have dinner with our friend Rinnie and that’s about it. In terms of gift exchange, we kept it simple with stocking stuffers only and some new dog toys for the kids.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night…!

Lady Gaga in San Francisco – 12/13/2009

Rich and I attended Lady Gaga at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on Sunday night. One of the best and most entertaining shows I have seen. Watch out, Madonna!

The 12 Gays of Christmas

It’s that time of year. Time for my annual posting of “The 12 Gays of Christmas.” Enjoy. It’s hilarious.

Rachel Maddow Takes on Ex-Gay Therapy

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Rachel Maddow confronted ex-gay author Richard Cohen on her show tonight. Cohen’s book, Coming Out Straight, has served as an “inspiration” for Ugandan leaders who are expected to vote for a new law in that country that will execute gays and imprison those citizens who know gay people and don’t turn them in. Yes, this is happening in 2009.

From the Associated Press:

Proposed legislation would impose the death penalty for some gay Ugandans, and their family and friends could face up to seven years in jail if they fail to report them to authorities. Even landlords could be imprisoned for renting to homosexuals.

Gay rights activists say the bill, which has prompted growing international opposition, promotes hatred and could set back efforts to combat HIV/AIDS. They believe the bill is part of a continentwide backlash because Africa’s gay community is becoming more vocal.

“It’s a question of visibility,” said David Cato, who became an activist after he was beaten up four times, arrested twice, fired from his teaching job and outed in the press because he is gay. “When we come out and ask for our rights, they pass laws against us.”

The legislation has drawn global attention from activists across the spectrum of views on gay issues. The measure was proposed in Uganda following a visit by leaders of U.S. conservative Christian ministries that promote therapy for gays to become heterosexual. However, at least one of those leaders has denounced the bill, as have some other conservative and liberal Christians in the United States.

A political group known as The Family, comprised of a number of U.S. politicians including Senator Charles Grassley from Iowa, and is one of the most powerful Christian fundamentalist movements in the anti-gay movement, is closely associated with Ugandan leadership.

Thought you should know.