Found on Flickr: Gay Halloween Costumes

And what am I going to be? Here are some ideas from Flickr. OK, so I don’t own either outfit. It’s still fun to look. We really did pollute Native Americans with cigarettes, didn’t we?

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Why is aging so bad as a gay man?

Welcome back, DanNation.

I sit here and type a blog post in my new reading glasses. Sweet deal – $19.95 at CVS and now I can actually see what I’m typing. They are only 1.5s but I am sure I will graduate to 2.0 in the next couple of years.  When I originally started writing this blog, I was “turning 40.” Now, I’m almost 44 and buying reading glasses. Have I aged that much? Take a look. Me in 2005 (first photo), and me on October 28, 2009 (all other photos). It’s NOT so BAD!

DSCN0019 Photo on 2009-10-28 at 21.46 #2 Photo on 2009-10-28 at 21.46 Photo on 2009-10-28 at 21.43 #2 And I actually look like Adam (a bit).

Stuck in a Virgin

PKphotobig Probably thought I had given up on my blog, didn’t you? Well, it is more and more a chore to come over here to write since I have adapted so nicely to 140 characters or less in my online communication. At the moment, I am on a Virgin America flight from New York home to San Francisco – with WiFi! Apparently, weather in San Francisco is rainy with high winds so it sounds like we are making a diversion to Las Vegas, but not only to wait for clearance to fly into the Bay Area but to refuel. We are experiencing 120 mph head winds causing us to burn more fuel. So, looks like we’ll be topping off the tanks.

I just spent the past week in New York for work. As usual, I ended up being a really dirty boy. Between the New York Eagle (where I won a CHP uniform in a fund raising raffle) and getting spanked (NOT in the CHP uniform), I needed to wash myself with anti-bacterial scrub. But, new friends are always fun! Part of me always wants to live in New York, though. I know the city really well and never fail to have a fun time, good meal and shenanigans always ensue.

I did have an opportunity to see “Rock of Ages.” It was a high-beat and fun show featuring just about every 1980s pop song that you remember. The main character was named Sherry so you can guess what her song was! Kerri Butler, who performed in Xanadu: On Broadway and Constantine Maroulis from American Idol.

I now I leave you with a sizzle reel and some air guitar from the show…