DanNation Gets Spanked

photo6 photo2 IMG_0111 IMG_0110 photo4 photo3 Another Folsom Street Fair has come and gone. As did my hair. I got a mohawk for the first time in my life to celebrate the debauchery. We hosted a party (although Rich missed it due to obligations as a volunteer at the event) – where one of the guests decided that I needed a spanking.

It was fun. As was the mohawk. Now, my hair is back to normal but does look completely shaved.


Today’s gratuitous video: San Francisco Leather Walk

We took part in the kick-off for Leather Week and Folsom Street Fair by participating in the 18th Annual Leather Walk. Here are some moments during the walk between The Powerhouse and The Eagle (the only part of the walk in which I participated; Rich walked the entire walk from the Castro). The clip ends with a performance by a talented drag queen singing “Over The Rainbow.” Unfortunately, the mic on my iPhone 3Gs died during the recording and you cannot hear the second half of her song. Since the mic is still broken, looks like I’ll be visiting an Apple Store in the near future.

We will have four (and possibly six) house guests including friends from AIDS/Lifecycle; my ex, Micah, from Santa Fe (and his friend); and possibly friends coming down from Sacramento. But, we also live inside of Folsom Street fair so a good location for sure!

Are you heading to Folsom Street Fair this Sunday? Come by for a beer!

Why I Love Neil Patrick Harris

I’ve been a fan since Doogie Howser, and I had the opportunity to meet and spend an evening with Neil and his partner, David Burtka, several years ago when they were in San Francisco for Sketchfest. I didn’t see the Emmys, but hear Neil kicked some ass with his hosting responsibilities. Good job!

I’m Back and I’m in Bed

IMG_0792 IMG_0796 IMG_0802 Rich and I went to Ikea on Saturday as we performed an emergency surgery on our bedroom. It is quite small and with all of our leather clothes, it was a myriad of cheap shelving and piles of tees, jeans, drag gear and shoes. Problem solved with the new 3-door closet purchased at Ikea. We loaded all my clothes into it, Rich gained space in the built-in closet and 2nd Ikea cabinet purchased several months ago. We also hung white drapes along the wall behind the bed and on the opposite wall (hiding hamper, shoes and the washer/dryer). It is almost like living in a cloud!

I have no explanation of the next photo. Don’t ask, don’t tell.