Ben & Jerry’s Celebrates Marriage Equality with “Hubby Hubby”

6a00d8341c730253ef0120a58ff872970c-800wi Ben & Jerry’s is renaming its “Chubby Hubby” to “Hubby Hubby” to celebrate marriage equality in Vermont. As of this week, gay marriage is now legal in the Green Mountain State. All of us at my company made a trip to Ben & Jerry’s in Burlington just last week. I was impressed at their commitment to social good – it’s practically in the DNA of the company.

Today’s gratuitous video

A very funny rendition of Miley Cyrus’ song “Party in the USA,” aptly retitled “Party in the FIP” (for Fire Island Pines). The guys are cute!

It’s Almost 9/11

photo I checked into my hotel room at the Millennium Hotel at World Trade Center this afternoon and wandered onto a sobering scene – Ground Zero. My room’s floor-to-ceiling window overlooks the construction site of the replacement tower. I haven’t looked at the site for about four years, and with the 8th anniversary fast approaching, it’s a bit depressing that hardly any progress has been made. The Millennium looks west towards the Hudson River and WTC 7 (now a replacement building) would be to the right.

New York is winding down – it’s back to San Francisco tomorrow after some fun with Rey tonight.

Start Spreading the News…

photo My travels this week bring me back to New York City. I am here until Saturday for work, with some time for fun thrown in here and there. Here’s the view out my room (a guest room at a friend’s apartment) towards Midtown – the GE Building is somewhere in there and Central Park West is to the left (those are the backside of buildings along the famed street).

Seems like I’m here all the time now. These vagabond shoes…

Glamour Shots

Sorry I’ve been away from DanNation. Real life (including a week-long bout with pneumonia) has kept me off my laptop and away from updating. But, the half-dozen medications I’m on seem to be doing the trick. As of tonight, I’m beginning to feel MUCH better. Since I have to board a Red-eye to the East Coast on Sunday night, this is a good thing!

I was recently at a photo shoot for work and had the following shots taken. It’s a wonder what airbrushing and a professional photographer can do!  Enjoy. I’ve gotta hit the sack.

8-TC_019 5x7 8-TC_014 5x7 8-TC_004 5x7

Please Make an Appointment with My Girl Friday

Aaaah. My blog. I am here to blow the cobwebs off you and bring you up to date with what I’ve been doing.

First, Rich and I may be on a reality TV show (network TBD) about gay couples in San Francisco. Several weeks ago, we met with one of the producers and were subject to extensive questions about our lives. It seems they find us “not boring.” They are also featuring a gay couple adopting a baby and another one with an older man who is in a relationship with a twink. I guess we’d be the swinging middle-aged couple. No more news as of yet, but we should hear relatively soon.

Second, Rich is starting nursing school in several weeks. He tired of corporate America after 10 years and has decided to pursue a new career serving others. I think he’ll rock and I’m proud of him. He is also going through the process of becoming a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. While I never considered being married to a nun, I’m willing to give it a try. We’ll just stay off Columbia Airlines.

Third, I went to my first baseball game since 2001 – we watched the Giants beat the Reds at AT&T Park on Saturday. It has been so hot here, I felt like a chicken in the Safeway broiled chicken kiosk. Or, as someone put it on Twitter earlier, we’ve been sweating like a hooker in church.

That’s about it. We are heading up to Guerneville and the Russian River next weekend for an anniversary camping trip. Should be good. Then, I’m off to Vermont and New York for a week for work.

That’s all folks….

Found on Flickr

3760450543_d3568b147c_o Somehow I missed this game of Twister at Dore Alley this year. I love the guy looking at the bare ass next to him. Hopefully, his playing partner did not have a jalapeno burrito before the festival.

A Day Off…Finally!

IMG_0064 IMG_0065 IMG_0066 IMG_0782 IMG_0785 IMG_0790 Rich and I took a day trip to the Russian River (Guerneville to be exact) this past Saturday. Although I was in New England in June and seemingly on a long vacation, I was actually always connected and working. This past weekend afforded me the opportunity to go offline completely and I did not hesitate to enjoy the “time away.” Rich, our friend Eric and I bought tickets, packed a backpack with suntan lotion and clean shorts and t-shirts and headed to the Castro to catch our ride.

The Daytripper bus takes hearty queers north every weekend. While we expected a more luxurious coach, the 1980-something school bus was actually a blast. Full of vodka and without a bathroom, it’s amazing how an empty cranberry juice bottle can serve as an impromptu toilet. Oh yea – it was also full of vodka. As were we by the time we hit Santa Rosa. We arrived and hit the pool party at the Triple R and enjoyed a chili dinner with Chris and Joseph. The day ended with a spirited bonfire next to the river. I enjoyed a return to my Grateful Dead/Burning Man roots hanging out half naked. Just watch those trails leading into the campground. Hmmm. Gluttony.

We arrived home at 4 a.m. and were welcomed by a urine-soaked bed – while we had a sitter most of the day and evening for the dogs, Louie took the opportunity to protest our absence with a romp on the comforter. So, we did laundry before finally stumbling under the covers an hour later.

I love my fiance and I love the day we had. We head back for a full weekend in several weeks. That will be well worth the wait!