Some pics from my Christmas Week

Rich bought me a digital camera for Christmas and I went crazy taking photos this week.  I thought I’d share.  I love you, baby!

San Francisco: 12/25/08 3:30 pm from above the Castro.

Rich at brunch – 12/28/08

DanNation at brunch – 12/28/08.  Darin’s “Two Darins” tee is available at CafePress. Darin recently designed this t-shirt and I got nothing but compliments and “Where the hell did you get that shirt?” questions.

The view from my couch.  I wish I saw this view more often!

Rich and I met up with Chad, fresh home from Cleveland for the holidays.

Merry Christmas

I hope all of you have a happy, festive and safe Christmas!  Take it from me – get a cab and DON’T get behind the wheel after your eight eggnogs.

“If you wanna rematch, just whistle…if you can”

Alexis and Krystal fighting – Dynasty made for great TV when it first aired and it holds true today.  I think the word “bitch” is uttered several times in these bouts.  Look closely – the body doubles lose clothing and wigs.  Joan Collins also goes from a size 2 to 12 depending on the shot. And, here’s one more:

This creep is still around

Just when you thought that he had died or simply disappeared, evil Dick Cheney is granting interviews as he enters his final month in office.

Cheney told the New York Times that “the president ‘doesn’t have to check with anybody’ — not Congress, not the courts — before launching a nuclear attack to defend the nation “because of the nature of the world we live in” since the terrorist strikes of Sept. 11, 2001.”

Well, Bush appears to continue “not checking with anyone” as he pushes through executive orders in his final weeks that benefit his corporate buddies at the expense of our poor, the environment and elderly.  Bush and Cheney have gutted this country and made as a laughing stock of the international community.  On Friday, the Bush administration refused to sign a non-binding U.N. measure that called for global decriminalization of homosexuality – making us the only Western country not to sign this declaration.


I can’t wait for these clowns to be loaded on their alien spacecraft and returned to their planets of origin.  I’ve had enough.

Silver Balls, 2008 and San Francisco’s Christmas Tree

While my Blackberry camera does not do these scenes justice, the *official* San Francisco Christmas tree in front of Macy’s in Union Square is beautiful as always.  I visited my therapist this evening and after my session plugged my iPod into my ears and walked around downtown San Francisco for about 45 minutes.

There is a beauty to great music drowning out the sound of panhandlers and Minnesotan tourists while I took in the kittens and puppies in Macy’s windows, the ice rink right on Union Square (I hadn’t seen it before) and the lights of the tree.  It was one of those few moments every day where I was truly alone to contemplate everything going on in my life – 2008 has been a horrific year for me but I am grateful I am ending it happier than when I entered it.

I am sure that 2009 will be better.  I have a lot to be grateful for and it took a dreadful year for me to realize it.  And, I know I won’t be drinking and driving ever again.  Lesson learned.

I hope you have a chance to walk and think by yourself as you take in the holiday sights.  It does a person good.

Over and out.

DanNation’s Extreme Home Makeover

OK – maybe not so extreme.  But I did spend the weekend repainting and refreshing my loft.  Donnan moved out about two weeks ago and because I am continuing to live here, I felt a makeover was of utmost importance.

First, I moved my couch to the opposite wall from where its been sitting for the past several years and bought new pillows and candles to provide an updated accent.  Of course, the move in furniture also required an extra long coax cable to permit my TV to move to the other end of the room as well.

Here’s a view of the new living room.  I also retouched all white paint around the loft that had marks from furniture, pets and people moving around it for the past couple of years.

Sorry for the blurriness.  It is wet and rainy here in San Francisco and I was losing my light when I shot these.  Louie does look happy with the new configuration.

Second, moving upstairs to my bedroom, I added two red brown walls – one at the top of the stair landing; the other on the wall now hosting my dresser.  It makes the master bedroom more cozy and intimate.

Third, I finally moved my office to the guest room.  That room – due to collecting cast offs from other rooms in the house, extermination for bed bugs (still ongoing) and serving as the new home of my desk, etc. – is currently off limits for photos.  Here are several views of the landing and master bedroom for your blog reading enjoyment (as a substitute)…

Last but not least, my view of the loft towards the door, guest room and master bedroom.

Many of you bitches have stood on the stairs at the left for a blogger photo back in 2006 (reminiscent of The Brady Bunch). I think I see Bea Arthur in there somewhere.

Gotta love changing your space – even a little.  These days, who can afford to move?  And my rent is now a bargain compared to when I moved in three years ago.

“And if things work out she’s gonna stay…awhile…boom boooom boom boom booooooom!”

Got Gay?

I was finally able to see Milk tonight. Seeing the film in the Castro Theater was quite a moving experience. While I did not think that it was the best film I’ve ever seen (in a technical way – just my opinion) – as a gay man, watching the film was more emotional for me than I anticipated.

Maybe it was seeing the familiar Castro and San Francisco on film – the gay ground zero.  Perhaps it was the timing of the film with the recent passage of Prop 8.  Maybe it was because of the anger I still feel about the passage of Prop 8.  For whatever reason, I broke down crying by the end credits. Sean Penn acted the hell out of this role and deserves every award he receives.

I do know that the film made me proud and pleased that I live in the gayest city in the world – San Francisco.  After 20 years, this is definitely my home.  I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

For the first time in a long time, this film also gave me hope.  I hope it does for you!