Barstow, Beard or No Beard

I am draping a cheap bedspread in a Day’s Inn in Barstow, California on our drive back to Ess Eff from Thanksgiving holiday in Santa Fe.  I am looking forward to getting home but did have a fantastic week.  I miss Rich a bunch so I definitely can’t wait to see him.  I also am returning to my loft alone as Donnan moved out today.  However, I won’t necessarily be absolutely alone – I found out that my guest bed is full of bed bugs. Not sure how they arrived to reside in my apartment, but they may have hijacked in the bags of one of many house guests.  All I know is that I have some major extermination to do to get rid of them completely.

I shaved my beard off yesterday.  Above, Steve and I in the 4Runner between Albuquerque and Flagstaff.  Below, me (with the beard) a week ago.  Should I grow it back or retain my youthful cleancut look?

Hope all is well with you, and let me know your thoughts on beard versus no beard.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Southwest!

Steve, Chad and I are all hanging in Santa Fe – more photos to come of the road trip, but here’s a look at our vacation in the mountains thus far.  All photos by Chad Fox. We enjoyed a stopover last Friday in Phoenix to see these guys and after an incident involving false eyelashes (and poppers), we finished the drive to Santa Fe on Saturday.

We’ve been eating and drinking non-stop (although I have had too much work to do while here, too).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Today’s gratuitious video: homosexuals are coming to your town

Apparently, us homos have taken over a town in Arkansas.  Good work, gurls!  This is a trailer for a new documentary released by the American Family Association.  They apparently have a copy of the “gay agenda” and share it in this film.  I haven’t seen a recent copy of the agenda, so I will need to take a look.

Remember, this could happen to you!  And, I’ll take a five pack, please.


I took this photo in 2006 (at my going away party from New Mexico) from the backyard of my best friend’s home where Chad, Steve and I will spend the next week on VACATION.  I know.  I haven’t had one since summer 2007.  Granted, I’ll be blogging every day for my work blog and on several phone calls with our development team, but I am on a road trip!  We’ll check in with Darin and Jimmi on the way.  Louie gets to come along.  And, we’ll experience a winter-like Thanksgiving (I think).

Tune in here for continuing coverage of this breaking news story.

And the California Supreme Court agreed to hear the No on Prop 8 constitutionality cases today.  Good news!  We will settle this once and for all…

I’m such a geek

I can’t wait to see J.J. Abrams take on the prequel to Star Trek. Kirk and Spock look like they get some ass, too.

Monday tidbits: A kiss is but a kiss

I really enjoy kissing. Passionate and unbridled.  Deep smooching.  Necking, making out, sucking face.  To me, good kissing is the apex of sexiness.  I especially appreciate when the passion from the guy you are kissing transfers through your tongues right into your hearts and souls.  It travels to your stomach where that gaggle of butterflies begin their spastic response.

It is this kissing that creates an instant shield to everyone else in the vicinity and to everything else going on around you.  You hear nothing because you are focused on your experience at that moment, never wanting it to end.  And, you realize it doesn’t have to – until your obnoxious friends yell “get a room” and claim nauseous feelings as they jealously watch.

This is the experience I am having right now and damn, does it rock!  Don’t knock it until you try it…

Fight for our rights

Thousands of people protested at City Hall in the National Day of Protest against Prop 8.  I just wonder where all these people were before Election Day?