Happy Pride!

It’s DanNation, wishing you a final “Happy Pride 2008″!  Fun was had by all this weekend as Jimmi traveled from Phoenix to join the festivities in San Francisco.  You can see more at his blog (once he posts) and at Adam’s blog here.

Can anyone please tell me what is going on here?

With July less than three hours away, it’s good-bye to Pride 2008.  Until next year…

Today’s Gratuitous Video: Gay Testicles

An instructional video for all you young guys under 35. I want you to follow along with the doctor as he instructs you on a self-testicular exam. Have fun!

And, remember — keep your eye on the ball – both the left and the right ones!

Answer to yesterday’s post

Yes – the teenage heartthrob in yesterday’s quiz is none other than Jamie Walters.  He played Ray Pruitt on “Beverly Hills 90210″ and then starred in “The Heights,” where he played an aspiring band singer and had a modest hit with the show’s theme song.

Good job, Jimmi and Donnie!

He’s still yummy!

Do you know who this is?

I had such a crush on this guy in the early 1990s. Once a singer and actor, he now works for the Los Angeles Fire Department as a firefighter and EMT. This is a recent photo with his wife.


  • He dated Drew Barrymore
  • He had a hit song in 1993, which was also the theme song from his short-lived FOX drama catering to the “Beverly Hills: 90210″ crowd
  • He pushed Tori Spelling down a set of stairs on “90210″

Who is he? Answer in my next post…

He can climb up my ladder and rescue me anytime!

Walk of shame

Yes – I walked home this morning wearing last night’s cocktail dress and pumps.  One of those ‘hos I always laughed at when I was in a relationship.  I went out with Kalvin and J.R. to eat dinner and hang out.  We hit Moby Dick where I ran into an old friend from business school, and then made the treacherous decision to go to Powerhouse.

Since my laryngitis is in full force (yes – don’t lecture me about going out when sick), I had no excuse to talk with anyone and was hit on left and right.  Maybe keeping one’s mouth shut is a good thing!  One thing led to another and I ended up at someone’s apartment talking about past relationships (he, too, recently broke up with his partner of 9 years).  Being two men in our forties, our libido died out somewhere around midnight so nothing much happened.  I looked at his DVD collection and he told me how he used to live with his husband in a huge loft overlooking Alamo Square.  Since I sound like Crystal McNugget, he did most of the talking.  I noticed that everything in his new tiny apartment was brand new — glasses, the couch, the crispy linens, his single life — and he was still uncomfortable with it all.

We fell asleep on the couch, and I darted away this morning knowing full well that we will run into one another again in the small gay world of San Francisco.  I wiped away the wrinkles from my cocktail dress and threw my beret in the air as I shuffled down 4th Street towards home.

Ugh! New diseases are fun!

This is probably the most boring post I have ever made, but am dying of boredom myself stuck in my house. So, here goes.

I have spent the past week nursing what I thought was a cold. And then two days ago, I opened my mouth and instead of a purse falling out, my voice had taken on the qualities of old Lucille Ball. It was fun for about five minutes — I could imitate Brenda Vaccaro (remember the tampon commercials?), sounded extremely masculine, and had a good excuse not to take phone calls.

Then, the pain in my throat took away all of the fun. And my hacking cough added to the discomfort. I felt so bad last night, that I decided a trip to the emergency room was in order.

After waiting several hours through other emergencies — a blown-out ear drum; a detoxing homeless woman; and a man trying to get his vicoden prescription refilled, the doctor saw me, took X-rays, and determined that I had laryngitis (big surprise). So, I went to bed last night and slept throughout the day today and am feeling better. It’s almost time to go back to bed, in fact.

I am ready for my voice to come back.

Gay Sailors

I am spending a very gay Sunday watching the very gay Tony Awards. I can’t help but wonder if all the sailors singing about a “lack of dames” from the revival of “South Pacific” really have desires for dames?


I never actually watch the Tonys, but am interested in finding out if “Xanadu” won any awards. So, I am watching this year. Apparently it didn’t win. (I peaked through a Google news search).

But, I have to say, this show is definitely the gayest one I have ever seen.

Could we please have one MORE shot of David Hyde Pierce? Could we have one more dance number with buff and hot dancers? (Scantily clad, I might add).

Any show with Patti LuPone singing “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” while the camera pans to a gratuitous shot of Liza gushing, crying, and applauding to the song Ethel Merman made famous is worth every minute.

I’m bummed “Xanadu” did not win. However, the Tonys make a typical Pride Parade look tame. And, at 3 hours, is about the same investment of time.

Kelly’s Pride Month Challenge

Once again, Kelly challenges us all to post a photo (provided by him) to celebrate Gay Pride Month.  He asked us to share why we posted this photo, our coming out story, or some other reason why Pride is important to us.

For me, it’ simple.  It reminds me how difficult it was for me to get to the point in life to decide to come out.  And how happy I am that I did.  I also celebrate all my friends in the gay world whom I would otherwise never have met.  I am reminded every year during this month why it is important to be who I am.

Don’t forget to be who you are.

Happy Gay Pride!