Move out of the way…!

I have been uncharacteristically quiet on the presidential election; possibly because there is no dearth of coverage out there.  But, what I will say, is that it is time for this candidate to step aside.  Move over.  Every day that you fight your opponent (and you are supposed to be on the same side), the Republicans move one day ahead in crafting their strategy for November.

I have said for the past year that this election will not be an easy one for the Democrats to win.  I never expected that my prediction would ever appear so valid!  Between accusations about race and other Clinton-esque politicking, the Democrats lack a clear strategy to win in the fall.  What is needed NOW is focus, unity, and a clear attack plan on McCain.

So, move out of the way, Hillary!

Happy Birthday

My husband just started his birthday, and I wish him a love-felt HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Dear Donnan,

I wish you a very happy day, and since you can’t be here right now, I send some gifts via my old reliable blog. Here’s 10 things to make you think of home…

1) Steamboat says Happy Birthday and that he misses you.

2) Louie says the same…

3) As does Michael Johns!

4) This is my favorite present ever from you.

5) I haven’t touched anything! Promise…

6) This makes me think of you.

7) Here’s the view out our window.

8) Here you are with your microphone…is that Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue Maclanahan, and Estelle Getty on your shirt? You are very handsome.


9) And above is the most amazing performance on “American Idol” tonight…wish you could be here…

10) I love you. Get home soon. And Happy Birthday!



P.S. Steamboat and Louie are humping me. I guess they love you too.

Hot dog vendor

I realize that Victoria has been gracing my blog for well over a week now – and, that I hadn’t blogged in all that time!  Well, I’m still alive and actually in my jammies watching “The Bachelor.”  This British bachelor is pretty hot in a James Bond kinda way.  The women are annoying as hell — clamoring for personal time stabbing each other in the back.  Entertaining reality TV!

Oh yea, lots of boob jobs.

We are in the middle of two major site relaunches at work, so I’ve been involved with that.  Donnan has been away for more than a week and the loft feels really empty.  I’m envious, as he soaked up sun in Phoenix and now is in Portland (heading to Seattle tomorrow for his birthday).

By the way, I am still watching “The Bachelor: London Calling” and one of the women lists “Hot dog vendor” as her occupation.   My God.

As you can tell, my post tonight is a stream of consciousness.  Hot dog vendor, really?

It came!

Many of you read last week about my snafu with Victoria Principal.  Well, she came through with an autographed photo!  It arrived today, and I am SO excited.  It is going on the wall somewhere — I just have to figure out where.

Hope you have a SUPER Saturday.  Speaking of Dallas!  Adam – I’m bored.  You and Brad move here soon!!!

Single girl

Nope. Donnan and I did not break up. He is still recovering from his broken foot and heading to Scottsdale, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver for 2 weeks to finish his recovery. I am staying behind to watch the kids (Louie and Steamboat), launch two major website upgrades at work, and it will be strange to be alone for so long.

I’m a very independent person, which can drive your significant other crazy in a relationship. I enjoy nights alone surfing the net, watching TV, and scratching my crotch if I feel like it. Although this time, my independence is hampered — I am now sans drivers license for 5 months. So, I guess I will walk, bike, taxi, and train it everywhere. It’s better for the environment, anyways.

Now, more about my New York trip.

A customer of ours at work produces “Xanadu: On Broadway” and gave us tickets to see the show. I begrudgingly went since the 1980 movie with Olivia Newton-John was so bad. Boy, was I surprised. It’s a FABULOUS show. As we sang along to Olivia’s music (there are more of her songs here than were in the film), watched hot actors and actresses rollerskate around the stage (half naked), and were treated to a backstage tour after the show. Tara and Brian, the producers, then joined us for dinner.

If you are in New York and looking for a show — there is nothing campier, gayer, or more fun than “Xanadu.” Be sure to check out the site and listen to some of the music.


Today’s gratuitous pic of a wannabe Idol

By now, you all know about David Hernandez’ stripper past.  He is actually quite a good singer.  He’s also hot.  I’ve always had a thing for cute Latino boys.  They always get me into trouble, though.

I’m currently in a rainy New York on a work trip so don’t have too much time to post.  I will definitely be back with another Variety Cast this coming week.  Stay tuned.

An open letter of apology to Victoria Principal…

I just got off the phone with Victoria Principal’s lawyer. Apparently she found DanNation!

Mr. Daniel XXXXXX (How’d they find out my last name?)

San Francisco, CA

Dear Daniel:

I am writing with regard to an image of my client that appears on your and sites. I am writing not with legal demands and copyright notices, but with a simple request that you please contact me to discuss the image at issue and the removal of the image. From review of your website, I have made an initial determination that your posting was not meant to cause harm, and to seek to first reach out to you and contact you in this manner in the hope that a formal copyright notice is unnecessary. Please be so kind as to contact me at 310-XXX-XX01 x2XX.

Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.



My apology:

Dear Ms. Principal:
I would like to apologize to you for posting a photo of which you disapproved on my April 18, 2006 post “Are Victoria Principal’s Breasts Earthquake Proof?” I have now retitled it “The Anniversary” as the gist of the post was a remembrance of the 100th Anniversary of the San Francisco 1906 earthquake. I am a huge fan of your work, watched “Dallas” religiously, and only posted the photo with severe admiration of you!
Your lawyer was kind and praised my blog. I can’t believe that you actually stopped by to read it! I’m flattered!
I can’t remember where I downloaded it from, but it only goes to show that you never know who is out there reading all this crap. I look forward to receiving an autographed photo (as promised by your lawyer) and hope you were not too offended.
The gays love you, so let us know your next project and we will be there. You rock! Bobby Ewing was a hottie, for sure.
All my best,
San Francisco, CA
P.S. I hope I’m not copyright infringing with this photo – please let me know!

Looking young on Putney Mountain

In my last blog post, I ran a photo of me and asked you all to guess how young I was.  It was taken in 1990 and I was 24!  I look 12 and I can’t even remember being that young although it seems like yesterday in so many ways.  It’s weird to look at a photo that is 18 years old and retrace my steps from where I was standing on Putney Mountain to sitting here on Caltrain on my way home from another long day in Silicon Valley.

The Rolling Stones sang that time is on our side and I am one of the lucky ones who has kept my hair and my somewhat youthful look to the present day.  Many people don’t believe it when I tell them that I am 42.  When I do look in a mirror, I see my true age.  I have wrinkles in places I didn’t 5 years ago.  The bags under my eyes are a bit baggier.  I have “back fat” — something I didn’t have before the past several years.  My body aches a lot more when I exercise.  My hangovers last a lot longer, too.  In comparison to others my age, though, I am pretty lucky.

I walked down Putney Mountain that afternoon in June 1990 and said good-bye to my friends.  A week later, I packed up my VW Jetta (the first new car I ever owned) with my clothes and moved to San Francisco.  It was a drive that changed my life, and I know it was the right one.  My love affair with the city continues almost 20 years later, and yet so much has changed:

  • I learned to be a city gurl
  • I went to grad school
  • I lived through the tumultuous dot-com years of the late 1990s
  • I came out of the closet
  • I moved to Santa Fe never expecting to leave the idyllic small city
  • I got bored
  • I moved back to San Francisco and returned to the exciting world of start-ups

I wonder what would have happened to me if I walked down Putney Mountain and moved to Boston (my second choice behind San Francisco).  I probably would have married Atari I guess.  That might not have been that bad!

Today’s gratuitous pic of yesterday

This photo was taken of me and friends from a prep school where I used to work years ago. I look 12. Can you guess my age when this photo was taken? By the way, the other guys are all former students of mine at the school at their graduation party the same year I moved from Vermont (where this was taken) to San Francisco (big hint!). This photo is classic!