I feel the earth move…

…under my feet.

At about 8:04 p.m. tonight, I was sitting in my Palo Alto office eating dinner with a handful of my co-workers when the earth started shaking. And shaking. And shaking. For what seemed an eternity, we had a 5.6 earthquake. It took us a moment to figure out what it actually was, but when the walls visibly shook and I had long enough to set my plate down and hold onto my desk — and someone actually yelled “get under your desk” — we were sure.

After living here off and on for 16 years, it was indeed the largest and longest one I have felt. The windows at San Jose Airport’s control tower smashed. While it was small by earthquake standards (it was considered medium), it still scared the shit out of me.

Of course, my train home was delayed as it had to stop at every bridge and overpass to check for damage (it was the first one after the quake). It was then canceled, and for a while thought I would spend the night under my desk (just in case there was another shaker). But, a co-worker drove me back to San Francisco and here I am writing.

We really need earthquake supplies in the house.

Monday tidbits

I’ve been working my ass off but in celebration of my friend Amy’s visit this weekend, here are some random shots from a few hours to play on Saturday night and Sunday.  My friend Anne turned 40 and a large celebration (replete with Halloween costumes) ensued.  We all ended up passing out with Amy’s new purchase in the Castro.  She just called and is still stuck at San Francisco Airport trying to get back to Santa Fe.  Good thing she has company!

More soon.  I promise!


…at Starbuck’s this morning.

“All I can say is that she is a tyrant to work for. I like her over cocktails and when she is talking about shopping, but get her in a manager’s meeting and you will have stab wounds in your back without even knowing it.”

A suspected colleague listened intently while she stirred her Grande Latte. “I know she spies on me by pretending she is fixing the printer across from my cube. It’s funny how it only breaks for her, and how often.”

“She’s a fucking bitch. By the way, are you going to the bridal shower she is hosting for me?”

You’ve got to love teamwork.

I just got home from my 13-hour workday and don’t have too much more to share. I look like this bitch, too, when I finally get off CalTrain. ‘Nite.

Monday tidbits (actually Sunday tidbits, but who’s counting?)

“Welcome aboard United Flight 19 with non-stop service to San Francisco. We apologize about the hour delay in boarding but we will now be on our way. Our taxi time will be one hour and 48 minutes…” and hence began my return trip from New York just over 24 hours from when it began.

My new boss (the CEO and Founder of my new company) hailed me to New York last Thursday to meet and discuss strategy. As part of our meeting, he promoted me to General Manager (a.k.a. President) our our flagship business unit. Yikes!! I guess you might see less and less of me as I work more and more hours (and days – we regularly work Saturdays). We both flew back together and ended up landing at SFO at about 3:15 a.m. yesterday.

I got to hang with Rey and Daryl on Thursday night at a new dance club in the city. I have to say that 9 vodka and cranberries certainly make me a happy gay! We had a great time (see above), and after stumbling a couple of blocks, we ran into Adam Goldberg who was filming the wrap scene for his new independent film, “Untitled.” Of course, I had to yell “I’ve just got to dance,” his signature line from “Dazed and Confused.” He tolerated us as we stumbled home.

Yesterday morning, after much less sleep than one would wish to have after a whirlwind trip across the country, we loaded up the car with Louie and Donnan’s sister Anna (who is visiting us from Albuquerque) and headed to Carmel (where their other sister, Maria, lives) to celebrate Anna’s birthday. We created our own dance club as I had fun with my pumpkins! After working today, I am now ready for a long night’s sleep.

I hope I don’t collapse tomorrow.

Happy 2nd Blogiversary to me…now, let’s get going with Season III

Tomorrow marks my second anniversary of blogging and podcasting. It all started with “Turning Forty,” a daily blog for friends and family to update them on my plans for my entrance into a new decade. Then, some of you found me. And then others. I then I met a few of you. And a few more. And then some. I moved back to San Francisco. Found some love along the way. Started a podcast and then changed format a couple of times. I will never forget the excitement of talking to a fellow blogger for the first time — Adam. I’ve shared it all here. I hope I haven’t presented any pretenses. I am who you read about. Scared and confident and a whole lot of crazy. Thanks, everyone, for reading and being a part of my life. I sometimes think of quitting but this blog, like my dog, my husband, and my podcast are all a part of me. And of course, my friends I’ve made through this site who will outlive any blog.

Okay, the orchestra has started to play and time to move off stage…

Here’s the first post:


One more blog….

Published October 17th, 2005 1 Comment Edit


I have to say I’ve become quite a fan of blogs. You will see some of the ones to which I am addicted here. Maybe its because I live in a small town and there’s not a whole lot going on. Anyway, I’m throwing my hat into the ring. My life could be a sit-com, so I hope you all enjoy it.

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Today’s gratuitous pic of Ryan Reynolds throat fucking Victoria Principal’s step throat 

Thank you, Google!

Off to New York

One of the advantages of being Aunt Grandma is that you get hailed to New York for work.  I am off on Thursday morning and back LATE on Friday night.  I hope to see Rey while I am there, have a meeting with a fashion designer, and romping around with our CEO and Founder to develop strategy.  Should be a good trip…

Hi, my name is Aunt Grandpa

I am the oldest person at my new workplace.

THE OLDEST EMPLOYEE!  THE OLDEST BITCH!  The Founder and CEO is about five years younger than me.  Someone called me “Grandpa” the other day.   Well, at least there is a new detection test for Alzheimer’s Disease, I responded.   “Grandpa” is certainly better than “Old Queen!” I thought to myself in the midst of my self-deprecating humor.

Seriously, people!  I have NEVER been the oldest person anywhere I’ve worked.  EVER!  NEVER EVER!

OK – I have that out of my system.

Of course, I can look on the bright side.

As I grow old in my new workplace, I can get away with people looking at me oddly when I make references to pop culture about which they have NO idea (e.g. Joan Collins, Archie Bunker, Paul Lynde, Tony Orlando and Dawn).  My usual craziness (yes – just ask my husband) is accepted since I am old.  I don’t have to worry about the dandruff on the shoulders of my black sweater (aren’t older people supposed to have ailments like skin flakes?).  My man tits — why worry?  Because I am the OLDEST employee, it brings many more advantages.  I can get away with sipping at a chocolate shake all afternoon since that’s what I should drink when I get to my rest home.  I only have 24 more years until retirement (as opposed to 50 like the youngest employee).  I have the nicest desk chair (yes – I went out and purchased myself at Office Depot – I could not sit in a folding chair).  It was further commented that the chair is the “Queen’s Throne” today (since I call myself the Queen of Goodness at the office).  I can get away with it all.  Most importantly, my colleagues will take all my “Dantrums” seriously.  After all, I MUST really be MAD!  Remember Lou Grant? (OOOPS – another missed pop culture reference from my youth)…

They also thought I was in my mid-30s.  How great is that?

The best part?  Everyone seems to have respect for me, my opinions, my background, and my knowledge.  Can I dare say wisdom?

As much as I hate to admit it, I am cruising into gay late-to-early-middle age.  This stature brings its own advantages.  For one, I must now start living up to my esteemed age.  I am now the mentor and coach.  I have all my life and career experiences to share.  Coming out only 6 years ago made me forget for a time that I am in fact a tried and true adult. Since 2001, I have relived a missed gay adolesence and do not regret a moment of it.  However, it is now time to return to my career and spend the next 24 years going out with a bang.  Perhaps I will get away with even fewer years if my entrepreneurial skills take me where I want to go.  I want to be able to afford the dreaded milkshake at the Rainbow Vision old queen’s home in Santa Fe now, don’t I?

After all, I still have all my blog friends and readers to remind me that I’m not THAT old (read: leave comments that praise my youthful looks and childlike yet admirable behavior).

Until tomorrow — this OLD geezer needs some shut eye.

The Jimmi and Dan Variety Cast #26: We call YOU, Gay Blogger 2

Jimmi and Dan return with a gabfest that includes Darin and Phillip; and, listener voice mail from Michael, Derek, and Kelly Stern. Hear Dan rant about the religious right and Folsom Street Fair; hear how Jimmi spells Michigan. The queerfest is back….!

NOTE: This episode was taped a week ago on Sunday, 10/7 — it’s taken me awhile to get it posted.

Please check out our MySpace page AND call our NEW listener line -

(206) 350-0699

Download it here….

All Jimmi & Dan Variety Casts and DanNation Casts are here


Confessions Meme

From Rey and Nathan:


You are NOT allowed to explain ANYTHING unless someone asks.

Taken a picture completely naked?

Made out with someone on your top 8?

Danced in front of your mirror naked?

Told a lie?

Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back?

Been arrested?

Made out with someone of the same sex?

Seen someone die?

Slept in until 5pm?

Had sex at work?

Fallen asleep at work/school?

Held a snake?

Ran a red light?

Been suspended from school?

Totaled your car in an accident?

Pole danced?

Been fired from a job?

Sang karaoke?

Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t?

Laughed until a drink came out your nose?

Caught a snowflake on your tongue?

Kissed in the rain?

Sang in the shower?

Gave your private parts a nickname?

Ever gone out without underwear?

Sat on a roof top?

Played chicken?

Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?

Broken a bone?

Mooned/flashed someone?

Shaved your head?

Slept naked?

Played a prank on someone?

Had a gym membership?

Felt like killing someone?

Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry?

Cried over someone you were in love with?

Had sex more than 10 times in one day?

Had Mexican jumping beans for pets?

Been in a band?

Subscribed to Maxim?

Taken more than 10 shots of alcohol?

Shot a gun?

Had sex today?

Played strip poker?
Does Strip Uno count?

Tripped on mushrooms?

Donated Blood?

Video taped yourself having sex?

Eaten alligator meat? frogs legs?

Ever jump out of an airplane?

Have you been to more than 10 countries?

Ever wanted to have sex with a platonic friend?