Today’s gratuitous pic of Ryan Reynolds

This photo cracks me up – it is a pose that Donnan performs all the time (in the privacy of our own home, I might add). I’ve had a LONG week, with a 3-day work conference finishing this week. I got to hang with my former colleagues from New Mexico, as we all work for the same conservation non-profit. Donnan is feeling a bit blue about his new life here, and I am trying to offer all the support I can. But, the pounds keep on dropping off. Gotta love this diet!

My word cloud

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A day at the Bay

Today, we headed down to Monterey to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. If you have not visited, it is a great experience. California’s Central Coast is one of the most biologically diverse ecoregions of marine habitat and the aquarium presents it well. Above, the back deck of the aquarium opens right onto the Bay where you can view tide pools, sea lions, and an occasional humpback whale. I like the first photo of the tropical fish since it looks almost fake, like that stupid Microsoft screen saver.

Of course, we checked out the obligatory shark at the open reef acquarium.

The jellyfish put on a good show and were indeed the most photogenic creatures of the day.

I am used to only seeing sardines in a tin can but these fish were still packed into their tank.

And these species were there, too, about 10 pounds lighter (each) under the influence of the South Beach Diet. These photographs make me long to invest in a digital SLR camera and regain my former past as a photographer, although my 6 megapixel Nikon did just fine.

Happy Monday!

Romping around in Bernal Heights Park

Louie and I just got back from his Saturday afternoon romp in the dog park. Today, we headed out to Bernal Heights to the park there which has fantastic views of the City. The sky was quite dramatic and a misty rain surrounded us as we walked. I love these days in San Francisco when the clouded-over sky has openings of sun fighting to come out.

Someone is now lying on the floor with the tongue still hanging out as seen above.

The Jimmi and Dan Variety Cast #10: Don’t ask…don’t tell…

Wowsa! Wowsa! Wowsa! Please join Jimmi and Dan for a really fun and dirty show featuring Phillip as they talk about big ‘ole bottoms, Phillip’s experience in Iraq as an Air Force Arabic translator, and Whitney Houston. Kiss my Ass!

And, a revisit from The Bitch from the Ditch and Dr. Joel…as well as Jimmi’s crazy family.

Enjoy the show!

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On tomorrow’s Variety Cast: Don’t ask, don’t tell…

He was in the Air Force (like Jimmi) and an Arabic translator in the Iraq War – and he’s gay as a blade.  He is a victim of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of our military.   And, this cute kid is on the show tomorrow night.  Be sure to tune in…

This is NOT a joke

I was reading the January 22 issue of High Country News today (I know – I’m very boring) and ran across this tidbit that I absolutely had to share here:

“It sounds like a joke, but it’s not: The company hired to build a huge fence to block illegal immigrants from crossing into America from Mexico has agreed to pay nearly $5 million in fines for hiring illegal immigrants to do the job, reports “The Week” magazine. A recent investigation found that of Golden State Fence Co.’s 750 employees, about a third were in this country illegally.”

We just can’t get over our addiction to illegal immigrants, now, can we?

The ban on gay blood

Through my 20s and early 30s, I gave blood religiously.  And, I gave in spite of the fact that I pass out at the sight of blood — especially my own.  I remember one cold and snowy Maine day in 1983 when I sat with members of my high school’s girls basketball team eating cookies in the canteen following my blood donation.  I happened to look across the room and observed a bag of blood crossing the room in the hands of a blood bank volunteer.  After my head hit the cement floor of the cafeteria, and the tall and lanky basketball team captain revived me (I still have that blurred image of her braces and blonde mullet hairdo hovering above me, by the way), I got to my feet and went to calculus class.  I was a bit dizzy and probably am glad I did not have a test that day, but I felt proud that a part of me might help others.

In spite of later mishaps like this one, I continued to give through the 1990s.  Religiously.  I have O+ blood, making me a universal donor.  Of course, when I started to have sex with men and answered the blood bank questionnaire honestly, I was told I was banned from donating blood for life.

I had forgotten about this limitation placed on gays until I read this story today.  With the constant shortage of blood and the fact that HIV is increasing most rapidly with heterosexual women, one would think that we would have lifted this ban on gay blood by now.  As I live in my own monogomous relationship and have a negative status, I’m not quite sure why no one wants my blood.

But then I remember that many Americans wouldn’t want “gay blood” within them – homosexuality is a “disease” after all according to some in the public.  I’m not sure if my speculation is valid, but I wonder what debate would arise if the FDA lifted the ban on gay blood.  So, I open the discussion here and hope that all the bans we now face are someday only found in a history book.  Someday.  Someday, they won’t ban our blood.  Nor ban our ability to marry.  Nor even our ability to adopt, fight in the military, or lead a Boy Scout troop.

It is the continued existence of these bans on gays that makes me feel a bit uneasy.  Until they are gone, I will worry about our future.  We as a community are so focused on fighting constitutional amendments against our love for one another, we forget all the other limitations placed on us by the rest of our society.  Maybe we should fight the ban on our blood and see with what the right wing bigots counter  — while they contend that they only want to protect the “sanctity of marriage” with their demonstrations against same-sex marriage and don’t have anything against gays, I’d love to see their true colors when they hear that their friends and families might receive my O+ blood after a devestating car accident.

Someday we will know…

The weekend…

…is over. It was a good one, too. First, Donnan started his new job – at a well-known bar in the Castro. I am quite pleased that he now has something on which to build his days around and we welcome the income it will provide. He has a slight cold at the moment but has a busy week coming up with the new bartending assignment. Second, we had houseguests – Bill (otherwise known as the master behind The Frances Gummcast) and his boyfriend Conner stayed with us for part of the time that he is visiting the Bay Area. His podcast is genius – check it out if you have not! Third, Atari Age was also in town, shacking up with Kel and all of us hung out on Thursday and Friday nights. Finally, we purchased a new 40″ Sony LCD flat-panel HDTV and I LOVE IT! I spent a night home alone last evening watching movies and “Saturday Night Live.”

We also had a glorious weekend of weather. Today was in the mid-60s, sunny, and beautiful. Louie and I headed to the dog park and enjoyed an hour playing ball and soaking up the sunshine.

All in all, I had one of those weekends that was productive with friends, relaxation, and continued success on the South Beach Diet. I’ve already lost a few pounds, by the way.

Finally, I found this great “mock up” on Jimmi’s and my myspace page:

Happy Monday!

The Jimmi & Dan Variety Cast #9: Don’t Drop the Soap, Simon Cowell!

Join the boys from Phoenix and San Francisco as they welcome JayT Online as he talks about his new show, “Don’t Drop the Soap”, gay marriage, and the gang discusses the new “American Idol.”

It’s dirty, it’s fun, and it’s new. And don’t forget to call our Variety Cast listener line at (206) 337-1587 and visit our MySpace page.

Enjoy the show!

Please check out our MySpace page AND call our listener line -

(206) 337-1587

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All Jimmi & Dan Variety Casts and DanNation Casts are here