Turning Forty-one & Happy Halloween

So, I’ve talked about going to see “The Price is Right” for my 41st birthday in January. With this news, it’s now or never. Bob Barker is retiring from TPIR after 50 years in television. I’ve joked around with my boys about this trip to see Bob in person. I have watched the show since I was five, and can’t imagine life without it. So, look for us in the audience at Studio 33 at CBS this winter. Maybe I’ll win Plinko and get to kiss Bob.

I’m so pathetic….or, a golddigger. And I haven’t been spayed or neutered.

To celebrate Bob, here is one funny clip with a stoner on the show.

DanNation CAST #7: The Blogiversary Show

LIVE from San Francisco…it’s Laura Bennett and Crystal McNugget…

Actually, it’s the blogiversary cast. Join the boys with an accompanying all-star cast as they celebrate one-year of craziness and mayhem on TURNING FORTY and DANNATION.

DAN’S NOTE & APOLOGIES: I also left out blogiversary wishes from Curtis, Atari Age, and Jason and will include them on the next show – my apologies! Too much champagne!

Download it here….

The LIVE studio audience:
Chad Fox


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    Project Runaways

    Highlights of our Saturday night in San Francisco. We went as the Project Runway cast: Jake was Heidi Klum; Nick was Tim Gunn; Kel was Jeffrey; Jimmi was Laura Bennett; and I was Crystal McNugget, the rejected model.

    These photos speak for themselves….YIKES!

    The bitches finally meet….

    Jimmi and I finally met yesterday, and in anticipation of our blogiversary show, we decided to go out on the town…it’s strange to finally meet someone you already know so well. Stay tuned to our show which will tape tomorrow right here in the DanNation studios.

    Today’s gratuitous pics of Mario Lopez

    I was searching for pics of my favorite “Saved by the Bell” and “Dancing with the Stars” stud Mario Lopez and discovered there are many Mario Lopezes in the DanNation universe. Or, he is really named Sybil and has 16 personalities (a prize goes to the reader who can identify that pop culture reference)?

    Seriously, I’ve lusted after Mario since he was on that cute NBC Saturday morning show with Dustin Diamond, the porn star otherwise known as Screech. I also sat through countless hours of “Pet Star” on The Animal Planet just to see his dimples. I, of course, watched his recent shower scene in “Nip and Tuck.”

    Oh, I really need my boyfriend here now.

    As for the other Mario Lopezes pictured, I do not share the same lust for them. But, I think I found where Donnie pulled his “Mug Shot Monday” pictures!

    Thanks to all of you who have called in to wish me a happy blogiversary. Sunday will prove to be an excellent show, and I hope you will all tune in.

    Now, I need to go to bed and count Mario Lopezes.

    The King and Queen ask for your support!

    OK. Don King and I need you to call the DanNation Listener Line at:

    (206) 337-1587

    to leave a message for our VERY special DanNation Blogiversary Podcast, taping this Sunday afternoon. The show is going to be plum full of bloggers, mimosas, and other shananigans.

    Don’t be left out!

    Dear MBA friends…

    Dear MBA friends:

    I had such a good time seeing you this past weekend. I can’t believe that it’s been ten years since we all frolicked on the beaches of Los Angeles and studied together with our primitive Windows 3.1 laptops. I had a great time, but I need to dispel some “rumors” about me that you have passed around you all over the past several years:

    1. Yes, I am gay. When you asked me nonchalantly if I moved to Santa Fe five years ago to find myself and I said yes and that he moves in with me in two weeks, I’m absolutely gay. Yes, I also adopted a dog but that’s not what I went searching for oh-so-many years ago and besides, Louie moved in years ago.
    2. No, I did not make $10 million in dot.com land. And no, I am not volunteering for a non-profit for my current job “because now I can afford to save the world.” And no, I’m not working because I’m bored. I’m working because I didn’t make $10 million and I feel better saving the world and getting paid for it rather than selling widgets and getting paid even more for it. This girl has to pay the rent, after all. But, you never know. A startup is likely an attractive job opportunity in the next several years.
    3. No, I am not father to Y’s baby. I know that we arrived at beer bust together but I did not get Y pregnant last year. I’m sure of it. We drove together so we arrived together – that’s all.
    4. Yes, I’m living back in San Francisco and any of you are welcome anytime.

    I am so glad I worked my ass off to receive my MBA. It has changed how I approach my career and how I make decisions, create analysis, and make assumptions in my day-to-day life. I would do it again in a second.

    I also learned from this weekend that shopping with the girls (all of whom live here in the City with me) is great fun, and that Stef and I need to visit Ted Baker soon. I want to spend more time with the core friends I made ten years ago, which should be quite easy given we all live within ten miles of each other.

    And for those of you reading and viewing the top photo, I need to dispel another rumor. No, I’m not having anything shoved up my ass. It’s just a funny photo. That group of boys is my second-year field study group reuniting for the first time in years. We were all best buddies, and we came in second place for the overall field study competition.

    Please stay in touch, and don’t let another five years slip by…

    Yours with love and kisses,


    Go girl!

    ‘Anatomy’ star T.R. Knight says he’s gay
    From The Associated Press – Thu Oct 19, 8:07 PM ET

    NEW YORK – “Grey’s Anatomy” star T.R. Knight says he’s gay, but hopes people don’t consider that “the most interesting part of me.” The 33-year-old actor addressed rumors of his sexuality in a statement to People magazine Thursday.

    “I guess there have been a few questions about my sexuality, and I’d like to quiet any unnecessary rumors that may be out there,” Knight’s statement read. “While I prefer to keep my personal life private, I hope the fact that I’m gay isn’t the most interesting part of me.”

    Knight plays Dr. George O’Malley on the popular ABC drama. A former stage actor, his television credits also include “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.”

    Knight’s “Grey’s Anatomy” character, a bumbling, puppy-eyed surgeon, has long been in love with Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo).

    Eventually, news like this won’t be news anymore. But until that time, everyone who comes out makes it a bit easier for the next, especially when they are in the public eye. And, of course, I mean ones who really come out and don’t blame their “bad” behavior on their sexuality. Go, T.R.!

    I’m off to Los Angeles – see you Sunday!

    Happy One-Year Blogaversary and the Top ten signs my parents should have known I was gay

    DAN’S NOTE: My blog turned a year old this past Tuesday. I kinda missed the actual blogaversary but thought I actually started later in October. Hmmm. Someone ran a post recently about the top ten signs you should have known you were gay. I originally posted this one while in West Hollywood last November – and it is one of my favorites. So, in celebration of the past year I am repeating it…and, the timing is good since I head to Los Angeles tomorrow for my 10th MBA program reunion. Enjoy….


    #9: the imfamous Mommie Dearest book report

    My childhood hero

    As I am having a kick-ass time in WeHo, and very much enjoying being in a gay ghetto for a weekend, I have been giving thought to my tendency to become a flaming fag when I am in such circumstances. I was “cruising” down Santa Monica Boulevard this afternoon, wearing my sleeveless T, sunglasses raised on top of my highlighted hair, shopping bag in hand, with my cell phone to my ear. I looked around, and I was one of at least 20 queens doing the same thing. I stumbled into a gay bookstore and started browsing books, and discovered a true gem: “Gaydar” by Donald F. Reuter. It kind of summed up everything I was seeing and doing today. And feeling. It made me laugh, especially the explanation of the 5 Gay Squeals:

    1. The “I Haven’t Seen ya for Ages!” Squeal
    2. The “You Look Fa-a-abulous, Girl!” Squeal
    3. The “I Love This Song” Squeal
    4. The “It’s What I’ve always wanted” Squeal
    5. The “There’s a Roach, Spider, or Centipede in the Kitchen, Bedroom, or Bathroom” Squeal

    The author’s explanation of #3 especially hits home: Quite often whole groups of gay men utter this sound at the same time, which is typically followed by their mad dash to the nearest already overcrowded dance floor. This migratory pattern can resemble a stampeding but graceful herd of gazelles and be most disconcerting for anyone not accustomed to such gay-sational phenomenons (or the overwhelming olfactory onslaught of sweetly scented sweat). A successful attempt at the latest pop-star-style choreographed dance movements will ensue. Then another gay phenom — the doffing of shirts — is topped off (or gone over the top) with lots of waving hands in the air and chants to show that you “just-don’t-care.” (Note: If the follow up tune is not to snuff, watch for the equally riveting “dance floor gay guy exodus.”)

    This happened last night at Mickey’s or The Abbey or somewhere here in West Hollywood.

    I laughed, ’cause such things are real and accurate. I thought about my mom’s comment when I came out of the closet (imagine slow Maine accent here): “A-yuh…well, I always thought…”

    Here are my Top 10 signs Gladys and Preston should have known by the age of 15 that I was indeed gay:

    10. I threw a temper tantrum when my bedspread didn’t match my new drapes when they redid my room – and, I was equally alarmed that my bed didn’t have a bedskirt…(Age: 11)

    9. My favorite book in junior high was “Mommie Dearest.” And, I completed a book report on it which included me (on cassette tape) reading selections from the abuse portions of the book with Helen Reddy’s “You and Me Against the World” playing in the background. I got suspended around Mrs. Dahl’s concern about the nature of my report (Age: 12)

    8. “Chris Atkins this, Chris Atkins that!” when The Blue Lagoon came out. (Age: 12)

    7. I begged my mother to buy a new vacuum cleaner. (Age: 8)

    6. I begged for a subscription to “People” magazine. (Age: 9)

    5. At my parents’ dinner parties, I dressed in drag and performed, pretending that I was Carol Burnett. (Age: 5 – 10)

    4. When my mother hosted Tupperware parties, I begged her to let me stay up past my bedtime to attend (Age: 5 – 17)

    3. I sang and performed in every drama musical production at Waterville High School, including wearing a costume of a leprachan and prancing around the stage as Og in “Finian’s Rainbow” (Age: 14 – 18)

    2. When I watched “Dukes of Hazzard” with my dad, he would comment that he’d “like an acre of Daisy Duke to walk around on barefoot” and I would comment on how tight Bo Duke’s jeans were (Age: 14)

    And, the #1 sign that your child is gay:

    1. I had to take a sick day from depression the day after “The Mary Tyler Moore” show aired its series finale in 1977. (Age: 11)

    I’m outta here….I’ve gotta shower, do my hair, finish my sit-ups and push-ups, and moisterize. I’m meeting amazing David for a date tonight (see earlier post “Random Cutie of the day a.k.a. California here I come!”).

    Remembering a time past…

    Above: The infamous tour through Europe, winter 2001. Left: me in a more carefree time (circa 1974).

    Have you ever been a bit lost?

    Do you ever confront NOT knowing what to write, what to say?

    So, you go deep…

    I guess my life is a bit full. I have the most challenging job in my career. I don’t, as a rule, write about work here but let’s just say it is a hurdle every single day. If I can succeed at what I’m doing right now, I can do anything. And God knows that I am trying. The other main event? My boyfriend moves in two weeks from Friday, and I am excited and oh so scared at the same time.

    I was over at Meet Justin today, getting caught up on his road trip around the U.S. It made me remember the road trip I took in summer 2001. It was in the midst of my year off, and after four months in Europe, I decided to pack the 4Runner and head to see Maine for the summer. I grew up there, and it is my home. I left San Francisco on Gay Pride Weekend (but remember, this time period is just before I came out of the closet) – wondering what would go on because God Forbid, I should not be seen at Gay Pride. What would people think?

    So I retreated into my car life for the 5-day drive across ‘merica.

    I made a film about that trip that only one person has ever seen. It is a rare look at my past that almost made me cry when I rewatched it last week. I was SO different in this film than I am today, and although I love who I am more than ever, watching this footage made me long for that huge scary period of my life. 2001 was quite a year – I left a dot.com company having succeeded financially beyond my wildest dreams; I “semi-retired” and decided to sublet my apartment and bum around Europe for four months. I had the time of my life being by myself on yet another road trip. When I am by myself, I push myself to meet new people and overcome my natural shyness. Yes, I am very shy. My persona on the podcast, etc., is something that I wish to be. I plan to show this video on DanNation in the very near future. You will enjoy it…

    The trip through Europe and the cross-country road trip was a carefree period. I got to think a lot about who I was (am) and had a couple of months feeling like I was in college again. I marveled at the beauty – I skied in St. Anton, Austria for a week with friends from San Francisco; I smoked way too much pot in Amsterdam; I met an old friend in Germany and we traveled to Prague and Berlin for a week; I spent over a month in Italy, blown away by the history of Pompeii and the taste of cheap red wine and pizza margarita in Rome; and ended up in Amsterdam one more time (and a dozen coffee shops later) before training it back to Zurich to catch my plane to San Francisco.

    The summer road trip was just me. I sang to CDs all the way across I-80 and rented a cottage on a quite lake in Maine. I reconnected with my family, only to have it all disconnected 6 months later when I came out of the closet. I climbed Mt. Katahdin and felt on top of the world while at the same time the most withdrawn I ever was.

    But, longing for long-ago carefree extravaganzas will ruin today and the future. You see, this is the 5th anniversary of coming out of the closet for me (it actually happened in September but consider this a late self-slap on the back).

    I am pretty carefree today back in the working world and quite calm in the face of the upcoming domestic partnership. I’m just older, that’s all, and have reset all that in the recognition of the moment. It’s not worth it to worry about this stuff. As you age, all of a sudden you have it all figured out. Well, at least you think you do. Maybe that’s what it is all about.

    Or not…