There’s a new girl in town…

Many of you know my friend Nick – he has made it into many a post and some of you have actually met him during your visits to San Francisco. The photo of him to the left is from this year’s Pink Saturday in the Castro during Gay Pride.

Well, Nick joins the ranks of all of us as he started his own blog, The Chronicles of Natoma, earlier this week. He is attempting to chronicle his hilarious existence in this great city.

Last night, Nick, his boyfriend Jake, Kel, and I all caught Scissor Sisters at the Warfield. Jake Shears is indeed a hottie and you should buy their new album, Ta-Dah. It’s magnificent.

Hope you’re having a good weekend….

DanNation CAST #4: The boys visit the boy from Baton Rouge

Dan and Jimmi cover the gay world of Louisiana in episode #4. Special blogger guest BrettCajun join the guys for a discussion of manscaping, farmboys, and thoughts on the gay blogger world. So, pour a glass of wine and join another great episode of the DanNation & Jimmi Cast (so we won’t be alone in our drunkeness). Oh yea, we talk about Cyndi Lauper.

Please join us…download here.


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    Happy Birthday, Louie!

    5 years ago today, a bitch’s water broke in Santa Fe, NM. Seven weeks later, I drove home with a little lab puppy in my lap from the breeder’s house. He turned five today – one of my busiest days ever. I did not even have a chance to take him to the dog park on his big day (and my dogwalker is on vacation).

    Louie is a huge part of my life and I don’t know what I’d do without him. So, I’ll treat him to a hamburger and walk at the park tomorrow night. For now, I’ll just cuddle with him.

    Pics of shirtless boys and puppies are always is a good mix for a gay blog…

    Run amock at Folsom Street Fair

    So, I donned my leather harness and set off to Folsom Street Fair with Garet and Jeffrey (Garet’s friend visiting from Ft. Lauderdale) yesterday at high noon. With all the years I’ve put into living in San Francisco, I had never actually gone to the fair before. It was quite the scene. I have to say that the best part of the day was standing on the sidewalk, sipping beer, and making caddy comments about all the characters walking by us in very little clothing. The multitude of naked bodies and variety of genders introduced me to a new side of San Francisco I had not seen before.

    During the afternoon, Dave and Michael met up with us as did JR and Kalvin (he just having appeared on our podcast the day before). After a number of beers, I headed home to prepare for the leather party last night. I joined Chris and Garet to dance the night away before coming home early in the morning as I had to go to work today.

    And, yes, I had guts enough to wear a harness. Yikes! I am always one to get into the spirit of an event and Folsom Street was NO exception. Since I was one of 10,000 people wearing a leather harness, I did not stand out. I did crop my belly out of this photo, though. No need to share my Homer Simpson-esqe physique with my readers.

    The weather is the best this time of year here, and yesterday was no exception. I am home relaxing tonight after a full and fantastic weekend.

    Photo by Big Red Dave.

    DanNation CAST #3: Hello Waffles, may I be your luv-ah?

    Join Dan and Jimmi as they cover the gay world with special guest Kalvin from “Hello Waffles.” They discuss the word lover and hear once again from “Bitch from the Ditch.” Of course, there’s another exciting game of “Name that Blogger.”

    Take a listen – maybe your blog is mentioned on “Name that Blogger.”

    Download it here…


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    And today’s guest, Kalvin (with Adam from “This Boy Elroy“)….

    Happy Birthday, Chad Fox!

    Chad Fox turns 36 today…we threw him a party tonight with all the San Francisco fixins’: crab, artichokes, sourdough bread, wine, and his parents.

    Happy Birthday, Chad! We love you!

    The OTHER DanNation

    Over the weekend, I received the following email:

    Hey DanNation— this is also DanNation! My site is, where I’ve been musing about random stuff and occasionally bashing the President and Rick Santorum since 2004.

    You can imagine my surprise when I happened to google myself and saw “DanNation: The Very Gay Blog”!

    At first I thought someone had made an entire site devoted to calling my site gay. ;)

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I’ve got to post about this at my site because it’s pretty funny.

    Posted by Dan to DanNation – The Very Gay Blog at 9/16/2006 11:52:51 AM

    So, there are two of us in the blogosphere…one gay and one straight. As the other DanNation wrote on his blog, “Anyway, there’s surely room in the blogosphere for two DanNations. The more the merrier! And he has a way cooler logo than me, as you can see. Maybe he can design me a new one. We can call it Queer Eye for the Straight Blogger!”

    With 30 million blogs, I guess the odds are somewhat good that your blog name exists somewhere else. I’ve invited my alter-ego onto my podcast so we’ll see if he accepts. This could be a great juxposition – the gay and straight DanNations covering all topics across the blogosphere (don’t worry, Jimmi, you still have a job).

    So, please check out my new friend. He posts a lot about sports, Pittsburg, and does not like Bush. I post a lot about gayness, San Francisco, and do not like Bush. And he does own the URL — I do not.

    Dan – welcome to each other’s world!

    Happy Birthday, Sharon….

    Tomorrow, my older sister turns 48.

    Sharon is actually my first cousin in my adoptive family. Her mother was my mother’s older sister and died of a brain tumor when Sharon was only 8. Sharon’s father, Robert, was left with Sharon and her younger brother Mark. Older brother Bobby had left to serve in the armed forces.

    Several years later, Uncle Robert married Helena. She brought a number of children of her own. And, she was mentally ill (or so everyone in the family says). Sharon’s father died of cirrosis of the liver several years later and Sharon and Mark were left with Helena.

    I was 8 when the phone rang late one night at my parents’ house. It was Sharon. Helena had held a knife to her throat and threatened her life because she wasn’t doing a good job washing dishes. We had all known about the physical abuse for years but being the good New England family that we are, noone acknowledged the abuse nor did anything about it. But, now was the point of no return. My father went to pick Sharon up and brought her to our house. Soon thereafter, they became legal guardians and Sharon was my new and instant older sister. Mark went to live with my Aunt Bernie and Uncle Eddie, and the siblings have spent many years recovering from their abused youth.

    I remember that we fought incessantly when Sharon moved in since I was no longer the oldest sibling. It took years for me to appreciate her and she became my confidant. Sharon was the first family member to whom I came out of the closet.

    I was visiting that day in 2002 when I said to her: “I have something important to tell you.”

    “Either you are getting married or you’re gay,” she responded.

    “Well, I ain’t getting married.”

    “Good for you – I’ve always known,” she reported. “I remember finding your magazines with shirtless actors under your bed. You also liked The Carpenters way too much.”

    So that was that.

    She came to visit me in Santa Fe two years ago during my awful break-up with my ex. I don’t talk with her nor see her enough. She has two lovely sons (my nephews) who are in the early to mid-20s. She went through a divorce several years ago and has a great boyfriend – but swears she will never marry again.

    It’s great to have an “instant” sister and I’d like to take this opportunity to wish her a very Happy Birthday! As much as I may complain about things in my own life, I did not have the challenges and abuse she faced. And, she has conquered. May we all be more like Sharon…

    Fun Fortysomethings on Fire Island

    After an 11-hour return trip today, I am luxuriating in the memories of an incredible weekend on Fire Island. As you can see, fun was had by all in celebrating of my college friend Chris turning 40. There was good weather (with the exception of Friday when it poured); there was a chef; there was a karaoke machine; and, most importantly, there were old and new friends.

    The comedy was endless.

    So to all the lads in the earlier post who really don’t look 40, it was great to celebrate with you. It made my 40th year…