Today’s gratuitous pic of two actors kissing

This is an early photo of two well-known celebs kissing in a film. Guess who they are in the comments section. Hint: both have recently won Emmys.

Answer on Thursday…

UPDATE: Someone guessed the correct answer – it is, in fact, James Spader and Chris Meloni. I’ve been trying to determine the film they were in together to no avail. Anyone have any ideas as to what film they were in together?
UPDATE #2: OK – so I am proven wrong. This NEVER happens. This is why I need a fact checker. This is why no one should ever rely on a blogger for facts about anything. I didn’t know. Honest. I can’t believe that I’m wrong, but admitting failure is part of realizing when you stand on a mountain. Or at least an anthill.

So, it is Russell Crowe and some unknown actor from “The Sum of Us.” Donnan is here telling me that I should rent it. Now.

Good ‘nite…

Santa Fe Drama Queen

In lieu of Burning Man, I am making a trek back to Santa Fe for the Labor Day holiday to see my boyfriend and friends from a past life. I took the photo above at my going away party back in April. I am looking forward to dramatic blood-red sunsets and cuddling in bed with Donnan. How he puts up with me sometimes is beyond me. Since we only have the phone to communicate 90% of the time, it has become our lifeline for maintaining and even attempting to grow our relationship.

Here’s our conversation late last night:

Me: “Honey, Louie pissed all over the living room. I called ASPCA to come pick him up. He’s ruined the rug.”

Him: “You didn’t!”

Me: “I can’t be a good father for him. I work too much and am too busy. I should never have moved back to the city.”

Him: “No, you went out drinking with your friends when you should have been home taking him out.”

Me: “But…”

Him (interrupting): “You’re overreacting again.”

Me: “You’re right…but my rug and it’s all over the stereo.”

Him: “You’re a pussy! Shut up!”

Louie, once again, has an Elizabethan collar around his neck. He developed a bacterial infection on his left front leg and licks it incessantly. While the cortisone and anitbiotics rid his dermititis, he drinks more water than usual (because of the cortisone) resulting in more trips down four floors to piss.

Two words describe me: DRAMA QUEEN.

How on earth he fell in love with me is beyond me. I’m such a train wreck sometimes.

By the way, I didn’t send Louie away to the pound. It crossed my mind, though, as I scrubbed my expensive living room rug trying to get urine out of it.

Thank goodness I have a family and I wouldn’t trade my dog, my boyfriend, or my friends for a tacky rug. That’s what I realized as I mopped up dog piss. And, I thought, at least he didn’t shit.

So, I’m off for the weekend but look for some blog posts and perhaps even a vid post (or two). I’ve got to stop writing as Louie is looking at me quite pathetically. I do declare that he has to piss again.

My favorite moment of the Emmys….

Farrah is definitely not a planet…oops, that’s Pluto…

The reunion of “Charlie’s Angels” during the tribute to Aaron Spelling.

Farrah is thanking the Lord for Aaron hiring her. Unfortunately, Aaron was a Jew. Good job, Farrah…


Why do Kate and Jaclyn look so uncomfortable?

Not this year…

This is the weekend every year for the past ten when I’ve loaded up my vehicle with camping gear, ice chests, booze and groceries, faux fur costumes and 50 gallons of water for my yearly trek to Burning Man. I was out and about in the city yesterday and observed two guys getting gas for a Subaru loaded with similar gear and laden with PVC pipe. They were going to Burning Man.

You see, my entire camp opted out of going this year. Many of us have kids and other responsibilities that prohibit the yearly trek anyway. Our camp, The Sweet Spot, as fabulous as it is, takes months of preparation to pull off. Myself, I just needed a year off from the Man – with the move from Santa Fe and starting both a new job and relationship it fell to a lower place on the priority list. But, as I saw the burners preparing to leave yesterday, I got a bit vaklempt.

Burning Man has changed my life. I’ve discussed it here on my blog many times before and I’ll save you the gory details suffice to say that the experience of building a wonderful group of friends from the event and my personal growth from the insertion of these relationships in my life has made me a better man. I’m less judgmental than I used to be. I’m more open and less inhibited. I treasure the one week a year I can be anyone I want and/or do anything I feel.

I posted some pics from 2005 above. These were all taken at our camp during the course of the week last summer. We actually had the fire truck as one of our campmates owns it for a fire performance group in Oakland. Yes, that’s actually a dance floor and fire cannon on the top. We watched the Man burn from up there and it was the best vantage point ever. Yours truly bartended at our daily 5:30 pm (playa time) cocktail party – each day I appeared in a different costume as I created concoctions from dust-covered bottles of tequila, vodka, rum and mixers. Finally, you see my friends Victor and Steve jousting at one of our happy hours.

Since I won’t be on the playa (I’m going to Santa Fe over Labor Day instead), here are my top memories from last year’s shananigans:

  • Kissing a straight boy who had a peanut allergy – his lips swelled up profusely as I had eaten cashews earlier in the evening. He would have died had it not been for his surprised campmate getting him his medicine.
  • Mixing drinks in a leather harness and pouch (the photo does exist on this blog – you will have to find it).
  • Giving a lap dance to a cute guy who was sitting in a chair on a box in the middle of the dance floor at a gay dance club – he was wearing a fur-tini (a faux-fur bikini) and nothing else. It was the most erotic and uninhibited moment in my life, especially when I noticed 100 guys watching us.
  • Riding on a modified London double-decker bus art car around Black Rock City the first night I arrived – there were remnants of a full moon and the city sparkled.
  • Hanging out with the Canadians across the street – one of them, John, gave me his awesome “Where the Wild Things Are” T-shirt when he noticed the tattoo of Max on my shoulder.
  • Hanging out with my camp in our Moroccan geodesic dome – our lighting and comfortable decor in the dome made it stand out at night. You could actually see it from 1/2 mile away.
  • Standing atop the fire truck above everyone as the Man exploded and burned. Later that night, as we drove the truck around the playa, three firemen (real firemen who were HOT) boarded the truck for a ride as “Burning Down the House” came over the speakers. Of course, I asked them to dance – where else would I ever have the opportunity to dance on a firetruck with three firemen to that song?!?

Aaaah. I am a bit homesick but relieved that I won’t spend two months removing playa dust from everything I own. Until next year….

All of you going to Burning Man, have a fucking terrific time!

Weekend reading: Bush’s activist judges

The Hartford Courant ran a great oped piece in yesterday’s issue regarding “activist judges.” I am personally sick of conservatives blaming judges for every decision they make but conservatives don’t like. The latest: conservative media is claiming that Judge Anna Diggs Taylor is the latest activist judge because she has pointed out that spying without a warrant is illegal in this country.

Here’s the article:

Bush Judges Define Activist – August 25, 2006

Another bee-you-ti-ful example of the right-wing media getting it all wrong. Here they are having the nerve to mutter in public about “activist judges” because Judge Anna Diggs Taylor has pointed out that spying without a warrant is illegal in this country – so warrantless telephone tapping is illegal in this country.

Improbably enough, the first complaint of many of these soi-disant legal scholars is that Taylor’s decision is not well written. No judicial masterpiece, they sneer. Nevertheless, warrantless spying is illegal. Did it ever occur to these literary critics that Taylor has a lay-down hand? The National Security Agency program is flat unconstitutional, and for those who insist this means Osama bin Laden wins, it’s also ridiculously easy to fix so that it is constitutional.


Conservatives in this country have been yipping in chorus for years about “activist judges,” and frankly, like fools, many of you bought into the phony political rhetoric about those terrible jurists.

Somehow, activist judges are held responsible for gay marriage, Roe vs. Wade and everything else Americans disagree about, as though Americans would never disagree without their encouragement. Conservatives have been mad at the Supreme Court since it decided to desegregate the schools in 1954 and seen fit to blame the federal bench for everything that has happened since then that they don’t like.

As any liberal could have told you, the conservatives didn’t want a right-wing shift on the nation’s courts because of “social issues” – that’s just a handy political ploy. Honestly, people, haven’t you figured out what this is all about yet? Money. The conservatives are in a snit about “liberal courts” because of money.

Corporations being prosecuted for breaking the law! Tobacco companies forced to pay huge fines! Oil and chemical companies made to pay for cleanup at Superfund sites! Oh, the horror, the horror. The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page couldn’t stop shivering over it for years.

“This is the richest business term in recent memory,” Mark Levy, a Supreme Court litigator, told The Wall Street Journal, which has stopped quivering at last. Moving right along in the long-drawn-out battle to deny ordinary citizens access to their own courts, the justices closed down the right to allow class-action securities cases in state courts. The court also kept out of a lower-court decision preventing taxpayers from suing to stop tax breaks that states and municipalities use to lure big business, a notorious example of raging bad policy.

Meanwhile, what a nice gift from the federal bench to the insurance companies when a federal judge in Mississippi decided that hurricane insurance policies excluding water damage are “valid and enforceable.” As many of our fellow citizens had an opportunity to learn during Katrina, it’s a challenge to sit around in a class IV hurricane, trying to figure out which is wind and which is water damage. “Ooops, there goes the roof, probably wind, followed by a huge run of waves rolling over the house, could be water.”

Insurance company stocks went up across the board after the decision, while the industry kindly advised its clients to “keep your eyes wide open when buying new homeowners’ insurance.”

Congratulations to the Katrina survivors who were hanging on by their fingernails.

Money, money, money is the motif of the “New Activist” federal judges, but they have also been busy, busy limiting congressional authority and individual rights. As People for the American Way notes, federal appellate courts – effectively the court of last resort for most Americans – are working on: questioning the constitutionality of the Endangered Species Act, overturning the National Labor Relations Board rulings against anti-union discrimination and other unfair labor practices by employers, allowing the Bush administration to keep secret the records of the Cheney energy task force and rewriting by court order a state law on First Amendment activity.

Other Bush appellate judges have ruled to deny protection to workers who file claims of race and disability discrimination, made it harder to protect the environment, and issued other decisions that will affect our lives and liberties for decades.

Activist judges, indeed.

Molly Ivins is a syndicated writer in Texas.

DanNation CAST #1: All Hell and no Prep

Show #1 of the new DanNation ‘CAST is available for download. Join Dan and his co-host Jimmi for the premiere episode of Dan’s new podcast. It’s very gay.

We call a special guest who adds the spice we need to turn out a very big gay show. And, that Florida bitch from the ditch calls in to report she’s fine and not sober.

Come hear the wonders of the MacBook and the newly-engineered show. No underwear for me, at least for today.

Download it here…


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    Update on Teddy and my other long-distance relationship

    ItalicMany of you remember my frequent mention of my former housemate from Santa Fe, Teddy. I have always said if he were gay he would be my husband.

    Well, close.

    At my 4oth birthday party in January, Teddy met one of my other best friends Debra. She lives here in San Francisco and although I don’t see her as much as I wish, we are still in constant touch.

    Orchestra cue:

    “Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match…find me a find…catch me a catch…”

    Teddy is moving to San Francisco in 2 weeks and will live with Debra while he prepares for the LSAT and eventual applications to law school. For some reason, I always thought they would hit it off but never so seriously. Teddy is a divorced dad of three pre-teenage and teenage sons who live in Santa Fe. I know he and they will travel back and forth a bunch and that Debra and Teddy will likely end up in Santa Fe in the near future. It feels good to be involved with finding Debra a guy and a good one at that. I look forward to spending more time with them when they both are not lost in the midst of traveling back and forth in a long-distance relationship.

    In other relocation updates, Donnan will also move from Santa Fe to move in with me in November. I can’t wait and I’m ready. I’m already planning the loft space for his arrival. In lieu of Burning Man (an entirely different post since this will be the first year in six that I will not attend) I am flying out to Santa Fe next week for Labor Day weekend to see my luvuh. I’ve already been here for almost six months and our relationship has survived 900 miles. That’s something to be proud of!

    With all these long-distance relationships, it’s a wonder any of us have survived.

    With all of us taking long-distance luv-uhs, there’s gotta be a free plane ticket for at least one of us!


    I learned that fellow blogger Marc passed away today. He emailed me recently to join the guys at Gay Men Rule and I accepted. I don’t know what to say except that I just spent an hour on his blog. I wish I had read it earlier and it is a fine testament to his life.

    It just puts things back in perspective for us, as tragedies always seem to do.

    Rest in peace, my friend….

    DanNation VideoCast #1

    This is what I look like hungover. Just kidding – I’m spending Sunday warming up to my MacBook. I realize that I can make myself look like many of my inbred relatives with the special fx in the iPhoto Booth.

    And now ladies and ladies, here is my first DanNation VideoCast. Hope you enjoy!

    Download it here…