Feeling 40

I made my first visit to a gay dance club in San Francisco last night. I was with my friends Chris and Garrett who reported that a major str8 club was going gay for the night and we should check it out. After I paid the $20 cover, we met at the club’s bar and after a round of vodka cranberries we took a look around. As we gazed at the sea of shirtless boys, Chris and I had the realization that we were OLD. Or, at least getting there.

The floor was occupied by trim, sweaty and youthful bodies. As you moved past the thump, thump, thump of the music and looked carefully at the crowd, you saw young men on one thing or another hugging each other profusely. I proposed that we get another round of our tiny $6 cocktails. We did. We cruised through more shirtless boys and I felt I should sport another layer of clothing just to hide my excess baggage. Oh no, cocktails already gone. So, we maneuvered the queue to buy another round. Thump, thump, thump. Dance, dance, dance. Chris and Garrett departed and I stayed for one more drink. As I sipped my over-iced and over-priced drink, someone carried a young man by me whose eyes were rolling to the back of his head. He was shirtless, pale white and shaking. “Move…we have to get him some air,” his friend yelled. Guys stepped aside but continued dancing and hugging. Nothing should stop a good time, I guess. It was at this point that I, too, went home.

I didn’t leave because I felt old, but because I’ve grown beyond such a scene. And, I guess it is just a part of becoming comfortable with feeling 40 (hey, a new blog name for TURNING FORTY)? Give me the bears anyday

On another note that ages me, I’m watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on ABC Family at the moment. It was the first film I ever saw in a movie theater when it premiered in 1971. I remember that my mom took my brother and me to see it in our Pontiac Catalina and loaded us up on popcorn and Coke. I watch it now and it is quite ’70s psychodelic. I remember sitting at the edge of my seat in awe as I watched Violet, Charlie, TV Mike and the rest float down the chocolate river and meet the Oompa Loompas. What a dream for a young boy — a place where everything was edible candy! I remember that the film scared me a whole lot when I was 5. But considering the next several films I saw were Papillon, Earthquake, and The Towering Inferno, it is quite mild. I logged at least six ’70s disaster movies by the time I was 10 by the way. Chocolate Factory is a terrific film with an excellent soundtrack that we all sing to this day. Another aspect of feeling 40.

Have a great Monday and a great week. See you at The Eagle soon.

Chaos in the Castro

San Francisco’s Gay District, the infamous Castro, experienced a bizarre accident last night where one unfortunate person died.

Apparently, a driver lost control of his vehicle and careened into another motorist traveling in the opposite direction resulting in an explosion and chaos.

It’s one of those weird accidents that makes you ponder how life can end any second.

Read more here…

Get out to San Francisco!

Miss you!

Here’s a remembrance of last week – on top of Twin Peaks with Golden Gate Park, the Presidio and Angel Island behind us.

Can’t wait for you to come back.


Today’s random blog recommendation: LETTERS FOR ZAC

Left: me and my own dad in 1971.

I got an email today from the gay Dad at Letters for Zac. His blog is a wonderful and heartfelt site with letters he writes to both his son and partner. I happened to click through to it while checking email tonight — and I couldn’t stop reading it.

I’ve added Letters to my blogroll but check it out here.

Here’s one of his first posts. This is the father I’ve ALWAYS wanted:

Dear Zac,

Because of various technical issues this is my third attempt at writing you an introductory letter through this new blog. I hope that you find these letters helpful as you wade through the coming years and segements of your life. I am so proud of the young man you are becoming. You are passionate, kind, gentle, curious, and intelligent – all qualities that will make you succesful in whatever you believe your calling may be. I would be dishonest if I didn’t worry about the next several years as you go through your teenhood. There will be numerous distractions in these years from your beliefs and convictions. I know that you will overcome them and stand firm in what you know is right. You have done it so well in recent years with the selection of friends and choices you have made (or elected not to make). Stand firm son, and be respectful of others who have a different point of view. It is then that you will learn and have an appreciation for all this world has to offer you. I promise not to bore you with advice and experiences and so I will leave this first entry here and wish you well.



I bet he’s so sexy…!

Turning FortyCAST #16: Dan Exposes Nathan Exposed

Hip, hip, hooray! Nathan Exposed and the FortyCAST join forces in one terrific show. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime podcast. Hear about my relationship with my Uncle Nathan; join a discussion about Republicans; and revisit the the Sticky Cum All-Stars.

And don’t forget the big question of the day: DID NATHAN SELL OUT?

And, best of all, hear how I voted in the 1980′s. Sorry, Hypoxic. Please forgive me.

Take a listen…


And don’t forget to call the FortyCAST Listener Line:

(206) 600-4562

Results of The TURNING FORTY Challenge

Well, it seems that a number of you know me quite well. This most missed question: my birthday. It is in fact January 3, 2006. My boyfriend has a bit more to learn by reading TURNING FORTY, too.

Back later with my latest podcast..

Rank Name Score
1 Darin 90
2 Rey 90
3 Nathan 90
4 atari_age 80
5 LaneO 70
6 donnan 70
7 Steven 60
8 Bebop a Lou 60
9 lkjl; 50
10 Big Bertha 50
11 Big Red Dave 40
12 a 20

Now I know why…

…I’ve listened to the Rolling Stones for over 25 years…this juicy tidbit is from Starpulse.com:

George Bush Left Out In The Cold By Mick Jagger

George W. BushPresident George Bush was left red-faced after being told he couldn’t rent the hotel room he wanted – because Mick Jagger had already taken it. Bush’s aides tried to book the $6,500-a-night royal suite, at the exclusive Imperial Hotel in Vienna, for the president’s summit meeting in June.

However, after making enquiries, the president’s staff discovered the room had been booked by the rocker for when the Rolling Stones play a concert in the city the same month. Aides tried had hoped the legendary singer would give it up for the president but Jagger reportedly refused.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “White House officials had wanted to reserve the suite and all the rooms on the first floor, but Mick and the Stones had already booked every one of them.”

“Bush’s people seemed to be under the impression that they would just hand over the suites but there was no way Mick going to do that.”

The exclusive hotel – which has seen a host of American leaders including Ronald Reagan, John Kennedy and George Bush Senior stay the night – has revealed Bush will no longer be staying at the Imperial, but refused to reveal his new accommodation plans for “security reasons.”


Nathan inspired me to offer a quiz to my readers…

How well do you know me? Are you an avid reader of TURNING FORTY and keen listener of my podcasts? Here’s a little quiz to test your knowledge of my shananigans:

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The TURNING FORTY CHALLENGE is filmed before a live studio audience at CBS Television City in Hollywood…

Bears, bears, bears everywhere

I had a wonderful day of spending time with fellow bloggers Brettcajun, Moby, Homer, Chad Fox and others at The Eagle Tavern’s Sunday Beer Bust. But, let me just say that me in a Bear Bar is like a sheep in a wolf’s den.

I HEART bear bars.

And those there HEART me.

There’s something about hairy manly men that is quite sexy.

Being shoved left and right in a crowded room while trying to hold onto my $10-all-you-can-drink keg beer reminds me of fraternity parties in college. Having my ass grabbed and told I look like Matthew Broderick (in his “Wargames” days) is quite flattering. Hanging out with cool guys and new friends is always the best. It was a true San Franhomo day.

I am always mesmurized with the abundance of beards at bear bars. I go out of my way to shave and moisterize and prune as much as humanly possible. I have experimented with my own facial hair and friends always remind me that I need more dense hair follicles for making my beard at least a bit believable. At The Eagle today, the sheer abundance of beards reminded me that my own hormones could work a bit harder; I can get away with two days without shaving for anyone to notice. I have to admit that I find facial hair on men sexy. Many of these men, however, probably get 5 o’clock shadow at 11 a.m. I will never know the need to shave constantly and I am grateful.

What I do love about bear bars versus other gay venues is the pure honesty that this segment of our community has about who they are. They are comfortable and honest and clear with themselves. I admire that aspect of today’s outing. When I am with men that feel comfortable with themselves, I feel better about me. I can relate on a whole new level when superficiality is removed.

With all this said, I will go back to the merits of a $10-all-you-can-drink event at The Eagle. It rocks.

The fellow bloggers I met are fun and true folks. Since we already all know each other from our writings, it is always a formality to meet in person. However, I yearn to learn more about my blogging cohorts all the time. Today, that happened.

And, it was a good day at that!