News flash: the Rapture Right gets its way!


Conservatives laud Alito’s credentials
By STEPHEN G. VEGH, The Virginian-Pilot
© October 31, 2005

Jay Sekulow, who heads the American Center for Law and Justice, lauded Samuel Alito’s conservatism this morning during an interview with religious broadcaster Pat Robertson on “The 700 Club” television show.

Robertson founded the ACLJ, a conservative legal advocacy group, as well as the Christian Broadcasting Network, which airs the show from its Virginia Beach headquarters. The ACLU is based in Washington, D.C., and has an office in Virginia Beach. Both organizations support prayer in public schools and oppose abortion.

“If you look at the cases that Sam Alito has put forward as a judge for the last 15 years on the abortion issue, he clearly has ruled in our favor,“ said Sekulow, who is an adviser to the White House on judicial nominations.

He said Alito had supported conservative stands in cases involving prayer in schools, including student-initiated prayer at football games. “He’s consistently ruled

Sekulow was confident that Alito opposed the “Lemon test,” a set of criteria that is used to determine whether government laws or policies are supporting religion in violation of the Constitution. The test is rooted in a 1971 Supreme Court ruling that barred states from giving public funds to non-public schools for costs such as teachers’ salaries.

The Lemon test has been criticized by social conservatives as well as two conservative Supreme Court justices, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. Sekulow predicted that Alito would vote to “undue” Lemon if confirmed as a justice.

Sekulow suggested that on the bench, Alito’s conservatism would make itself apparent immediately on cases involving partial-birth abortion, parental notification in abortion and Oregon’s assisted-suicide law. “This is a grand slam,” he said.

Robertson, who has urged viewers in the past to pray for conservative appointments to the Supreme Court, was equally enthusiastic about the prospect of Alito as a justice. “Teamed up with Scalia, you’re going to have some intellectual firepower that the liberals won’t be able to stand up against,” he said.

From Pat Robertson’s own website,

In a Pennsylvania abortion case, Alito was the lone dissenter, arguing to uphold a state law requiring women seeking abortions to tell their husbands.
And he wrote the majority opinion defending a city’s constitutional right to display religious symbols at the holidays.

But the same record that endears Alito to conservatives and will rally the President’s base, is sure to spark an ideological fight with liberals and Democrats.

Let’s quit work and BLOG!

Me and my friend Maura had an email exchange today that cracked me up …names have been changed to protect the innocent. You’ll understand me a bit better after reading this.

From: “Daniel”
To: “Maura XXXXXX”
Subject: Re: Day job?
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 13:53:19 -0700

LOL. I love blogging and flogging. I hope to build a loyal
readership that rivals that of Oprah. The web needs one more site
(in addition to the millions that already exist) dedicated to
far-left and gay politics. Traffic will quadruple at little ‘ole
Turning 40 once I get linked from all the other far-left gay blogs with pictures of cute men….after January the site will be renamed “The Gay 40s” of
course…I can’t solve my own problems, either, but feel strongly
about sharing them with whoever wants to read them.

—– Original Message —–
From: “Maura XXXXX”
To: “Daniel”
Subject: Re: Day job?
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 14:41:06 -0500 (GMT-05:00)

> You are one of my many guilty pleasures. Good thing I’m not gay. We
> have much the same taste in famous men.
> I’m thinking about dropping out of grad school and spending all my
> time engaged in blogging and shameless self promotion. Fuck social
> work. I have my own problems.
> —–Original Message—–
> From: Daniel
> Sent: Oct 31, 2005 2:21 PM
> To: Maura XXXXXX
> Subject: Re: Day job?
> I know – hence I don’t mention work, etc. I only get about 15 hits
> a day anyway, so no big deal yet.
> don’t you love the Shelley Winters doll?
> D
> —– Original Message —–
> From: “Maura XXXXX”
> To:
> Subject: Day job?
> Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 14:10:00 -0500 (GMT-05:00)
> >
> > Danny Boy:
> >
> I’m SO sorry to hear about your Halloween wallet fiasco! Still,
> your costume was PRICELESS! You are one ugly white woman. All
> this leads me to wonder, though, if you’ve quit your day job
> entirely to dedicate your time to posting cute man butts online?!
> Don’t pull a dooce or a Washingtonienne and get your cute little
> man butt fired. That’s one tiny town you live in, and the
> blogsphere is never quite as big as we’d like to think.
> >
> > I’ll let you know once I launch. Until then, post away, my boy.
> And keep that wallet safe!
> >
> > Love,
> > Maura

Today’s Bizarre Internet Find

DAN’S NOTE: This is the first blog entry of my new blog series, Today’s bizarre Internet Find. Please comment below with any contributions!
Check out this very strange web site. I don’t know what to say, but don’t listen to the hypnotic music very long – especially while driving. The tune did make me want to watch Match Game, though. Again, I am glad to be of service to those in desperate need of Gene Rayburn and Joanne Worley photos.

Match Game Wallpaper Gallery

This just looks so bad!

NBC will air this mini-series beginning on November 20. Steve Guttenberg? Hah? Wolfgang Petersen is making the big-screen version with Richard Dreyfuss, Kurt Russell, Josh Lucas (love him!), and Kevin Dillon (from “Entourage” and Matt’s brother). I am a diehard fan of the original (and can get a roomful of gay men to sing the “Morning After” no matter where I am), so while I will TiVO the NBC version for sure, I am looking forward a bit more to the big screen remake due out in 2006.

I was googling the movie today and was a bit disturbed to find dolls were available of the entire cast (I MUST have the Shelley Winters one!) at Hell in a Handbag Productions. If you have always wanted a Red Buttons doll, here’s your chance! However, I think these must not have been ever sold, or they’re part of someone’s obsession with the original film.

Or, I would have owned the Shelley Winters one already….

Malcolm in the Middle Goes to Burning Man


= Malcolm in the Middle’s Season Opener

From Fox
BURNING MAN Air Date 9/30/05
Chapter 701

Hal and Lois catch Malcolm and Reese hitchhiking to the Burning Man festival. They are so intrigued by Malcolm’s description of the festival that they decide to take the whole family in their borrowed RV. Malcolm injures himself on a cactus while taking in the sights, and he is taken to Anita, a pretty, 40-something Shaman. He quickly develops an intense on-again, off-again relationship with her. He balks at her rebirthing ceremonies and retreats to the RV, telling Hal it was a stupid idea to come to Burning Man. When Hal excitedly bonds with Malcolm over their mutual inflexible beliefs, Malcolm runs back to Anita and participates in his own rebirth.

Dan’s comments:
I NEVER watch Malcolm in the Middle, but it happened to be on tonight. It was a hilarious episode in which the family goes to Burning Man and the episode caught the event pretty hilariously. I believe that the episode originally aired in late September 2005. The father from the family (I don’t know their names) cooks hot dogs and hamburgers on the astroturf in front of his RV event, and his BM neighborhood thinks he is performance art. Meanwhile, the wife rides in “Critical Tits” but they didn’t call it that, and one of the other sons wears body make up and wears nothing but a sarong for the episode. Malcolm has a tantric sexual experience with one of the Arquettes (I think it was Rosanna) in her geodesic dome. The writers captured the “participant, no spectators allowed” mode so it was obvious that someone on the show had attended the event. The sets, costumes, and outdoor setting (filmed somewhere in the Mojave Desert since Malcolm steps in a cactus in one scene) caught the event quite well. It was funny to see a sit com shot in the Burning Man context (lots of art cars, discreet nudity – including Malcolm’s mom – and the mom and war-painted son claiming they were returning the next year). In the last scene, the father’s RV accidently burns instead of the Man himself.

By the way, is it me or are the kids all old now? And Frankie Munoz is getting more creepy looking. I think that in real life he is dating a porn star or something?
I really liked this episode review from Living the Wally Lifestyle :
Malcolm in the Middle at Burning Man
October 03, 2005

The cast of Malcolm in the Middle went to Burning Man for their season opener. Once again, the truth is weirder than the fiction.

Here is a rundown of a few points from the show which were not like Burning Man:

The Couple Dressed as a Nun and a Bishop
The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are far weirder and way, way more fun.

Moop on the ground
There is straw laying all over the ground. This would never be allowed since hay bales are banned.

There is nothing alive on the dry lake bed.

Larry Harvey (the guy spraying Stanley)
This unnamed Larry Harvey is way more like Larry Harvey should be than Larry Harvey is. I blame this on the 5,000 people who come up to Larry every year to tell him how Burning Man changed their lives. Do they leave it at that? No, they tell the whole story about the first time they did acid, the person they met, the child that resulted, the life change. Good gravy people, leave him alone! You’re cutting into his drinking time.

Bowling Ball Sized Rocks
There are no bowling ball sized rocks on the Playa. They were all used by catapults last year.

Guy in the Cow Skull
Java Cow is way cooler than this guy, because he serves coffee.

The Shaman Woman
There are far weirder and more fun people than this woman. Although amazingly enough, a lot of them look exactly like Roseanne Arquette.

Malcolm Gets Laid at Burning Man
Anyone can get laid at Burning Man and most relationships last almost as long.

Dumping Center
There is no RV dumping center at Burning Man. You have to pack out your potty.

Only Losers Go to Burning Man with your Parents
Most of the kids Burning Man are more responsible than their parents.

Random Strangers are Chosen to Light the Man
The truth is, people pay to be in the Inner Circle. One person who buys a $300.00 ticket is chosen at random to light the man.

Reese Doesn’t Want to Light the Man
Camaan, Reese would do anything to light the Man. And an RV, now that I think about it.

Trumpet Strumpets
Critical Tits is far more impressive and fun.

I’ll Keep the RV Clean
Never has a sentiment been heavily expressed and never accomplished.

In Conclusion:
In all, I think the show did a good job. This show is consistently funny and I hope it has a good run on Fox.

One of my worst Halloweens – ever!

Me and Abby before we headed to SWIG.

Me (looking like my Aunt Bernie) and Amy before the disasterous evening.

So, I had the perfect costume. I decided to go in drag out on the town for Halloween. I got the right make up and I ended up as “Trailer Trash Trixie.” The mullet wig made THE difference, as well as badly-applied makeup. But, I made the mistake of getting wasted. One glass of wine before going out, and a whole bunch of vodka after, led to my making some bad decisions.

First of all, I had no pockets, so I fumbled with my cell phone, wallet, keys, etc, in two pockets of my faux fur jacket (purchased for Burning Man this year) and a psuedo purse. Somewhere around 10:30 pm, I either left my wallet on the bar before proceeding back to Amy with two cocktails (I did have the wallet to buy drinks), or sometime soon after that someone lifted my wallet from my coat pocket. I believe that the former is the most likely.

Before leaving home, I had contemplated removing my ID and money from my wallet and stuffing into my boot (and leaving the rest of the wallet – four credit cards, medical cards, AAA card, etc. — at home). But, no, I brought the whole fucking wallet. Amy managed me well as I went into a panic trying to find my lost wallet in the sprawling two-floor complex of SWIG. I’m sure I looked humerous – a rather trailer-trashy drag queen running around in a TIGHT leopard skin jumpsuit with fishnets and a mullet wig, spilling a cocktail, and throwing a tizzy. I never found the wallet.

I was awake until about 5am cancelling cards. I talked to useless customer service agents from India to Ireland, many of whom seemed clueless on how to cancel a stolen card. And, oh yes, the phone trees that send you in useless circles. Whoever invented the phone tree should be exiled with a headset and phone and do nothing but navigate around these terrible things trying to reach a human.

I went for my customary morning trip to Java Joes for a lattee and bagel. Of course, I couldn’t find enough change in the couch cushions to cover everything, so wonderful Stephanie at the shop let me pay less. I love Java Joes!

Anyway, Halloween 2005 was almost as much a disaster as 2000 when we had rented limos in San Francisco that year. Inebriated among acceptable limits that year, I climbed into one limo and left my camcorder bag and cell phone in the car when I got back out to find my friends. Unfortunately, we had rented the OTHER limo out front in which I climbed when I found Debra, Paula, et al having left my equipment in the FIRST limo. I eventually found the phone and camera, but something about Halloween, crazy costumes, and alcohol don’t mix very well with me.

And Halloween actually isn’t until tomorrow.

When indictments plague your party: “Let’s legislate the gays!”

With more idictment and grand jury activity in Washington DC the past few weeks than in an episode of “Law and Order,” let’s “deflect attention and motivate the far right wing of the Republican party!” After all, these extremist were so let down by the balked nomination of Harriet Miers they need to be reassured that they are running America. Let’s hope we don’t have any “activist” judges hearing Scooter’s case.

Federal Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Moves Forward
by Doreen Brandt Washington Bureau

Posted: October 28, 2005 5:00 pm ET

(Washington) Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) announced Friday that the Senate Sub Committee on the Judiciary will meet on Nov. 2 to markup the so-called Marriage Protection Amendment.

Brownback, the sub committee chair, said he expects to hold a vote that day on the proposed amendment, which would ban same-sex marriage, and then send the measure on to the full committee.

Brownback said that he hoped the amendment would come to a vote in both the full Senate and House prior to the 2006 mid term elections.

“This has been and always will be about cynical politics,” said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese.

“Political games in Washington are common, but when the lives of millions of American families are at state, these hearings are an affront to American values.”

The sub committee held hearings on the proposed amendment earlier this month in a new attempt to pass the measure. (story)

Supporters of the amendment told senators during the hearing that judges are writing their own laws and only a constitutional amendment would “preserve the sanctity of marriage”.

Among those speaking in opposition to the amendment was Christopher Harris, an assistant professor of Pediatrics at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

Harris, who is a gay African-American, has a 3-year-old daughter and has been a pediatrician for almost 20 years.

Harris told Senators the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) found that there are no relevant studies of the effect of parental sexual orientation on children that show any measurable effect on the quality of parent-child relationships or the children’s mental health and successful socialization.

Attempts by Republicans to pass the amendment that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman failed last year. (story)

The measure was reintroduced in January. (story) A House version was reintroduced in March.

“It’s time for Congress to stop placating right-wing extremists and get back to helping all American families,” said Solmonese in a statement on Friday.

“The American people want fairness and this amendment would not only ban marriage for same-sex couples, but it would also threaten basic protections like domestic partnerships and civil unions. While some try to cloud the issue, the amendment will not affect religious institutions’ established right to decide their own rules on marriage.”